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Ashcroft A2 Pressure Transmitter

Pressure Transmitter

Designed for heavy industrial and hazardous location applications, the Ashcroft® A2 pressure transmitter is a durable instrument that provides considerable specification flexibility in terms of performance, construction and optional features. Specify a base unit from a broad choice of standard ranges, process connections, output signals and electrical terminations or customize the transmitter from a long list of optional features and construction variables.

• Choice of .25, .50 or 1.0% accuracy
• Intrinsically safe and explosion proof approvals
• Pressure ranges from 5 psi through 10,000 psi
• CE mark is standard
• 17-4 pH and 316L SS diaphragm materials available
• 304 SS case in standard, welded or explosion proof construction
• Six output signals to choose from
• Optional absolute pressure ranges available
• Available externally adjustable zero and span access
• FM, UL, CSA and ATEX listings available
• Optional panel meter digital display

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5Table 6
Table 1Type Configuration
Table 2Enclosure
WWelded w/out Zero & Span Access
ZZero & Span Access
YWelded with Zero & Span Access
Table 3Accuracy/Temp. Effects
A0.25%/±1.0%(–4°F to +185°F)
B0.50%/±2.0%(–4°F to +185°F)
C1.00%/±2.0%(–4°F to +185°F)
Table 4Pressure Connection
F099⁄16-18 (1⁄4)-F (Aminco)
VF2VCR Inlet fitting, 1/4” VCR gland with 9/16-18 female nut
VM2VCR Inlet fitting, 1/4” VCR gland with 9/16-18 male nut
MG4G 1⁄2 M
F041⁄2 NPT-F
M041⁄2 NPT-M
MEK7⁄16-20 SAE-M
F021⁄4 NPT-F
M021⁄4 NPT-M
M011⁄8 NPT-M
Table 5Output Signal
RM0.5-4.5 Vdc Ratio Metric
161-6 Vdc
100-10 Vdc
050-5 Vdc
151-5 Vdc
Table 6Electrical Termination
M12 Threaded
E1with mate, (specify length)
M12 Threaded
E2with mate, 3´ cable
M12 Threaded
E0with mate, no cable
M12 Threaded
EWw/o mating conn
1⁄2 NPTM Conduit
C415´ flying leads (3)
1⁄2 NPTM Conduit
C23´ flying leads (3)
1⁄2 NPTM Conduit
P7(specify length) (3)
1⁄2 NPTM Conduit
C1with 3´ pigtail (3)
4Pin Bendix Style
P2with mate, (specify length) (2)
4Pin Bendix Style
L1with mate, 3´ cable (2)
4Pin Bendix Style
H1with mate, no cable (2)
4Pin Bendix Style
B4w/o mating conn (2)
Integral Cable (Pigtail)
D1with mate, (specify length) (1)
Integral Cable (Pigtail)
D2with mate, 3´ cable (1)
Integral Cable (Pigtail)
D0with mate, no cable (1)
Integral Cable (Pigtail)
DNw/o mating conn. (1)
Integral Cable (Pigtail)
P1(specify length) (1
Integral Cable (Pigtail)
F23 ft shielded cable(1)
Accuracy, Three Classes (% Span): Includes non-linearity ±.25 ±0.5 ±1.0
(Terminal Point Method), hysteresis, non-repeatability, zero offset and span setting errors)
Best Fit Straight Line* (BFSL): ±.20 ±.40 ±.50
*Add ±.05% for ranges above 5000 psi
Stability: Sensor Material 316L SS: ±0.1% Span/year
Sensor Material 17-4PH: <0.5% Span/year
Durability: Greater than 10 million cycles
Temperature Limits: Storage: –40 to +125°C (–40 to 257°F)
Process: –40 to +125°C (–40 to 257°F)
Operating: –40 to +125°C (–40 to 257°F)
Compensated: –20 to +85°C ( –4 to 185°F)
Available: –40 to +125°C (–40 to 257°F)
Temperature Effects: –20 to +85°C (–4 to 185°F)
• 1.0% of Span for .25% Accuracy Class
• 2.0% of Span for .50% and 1.0% Accuracy Classes
Humidity Effects: No performance effects from
0 to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing,
0-100% RH with "W" enclosure.
Response Time: <2ms
Pressure Ranges: Vacuum, gauge, compound and absolute pressure from 0-5 psi through 0-10,000. Equivalent ranges in bar available.
Vibration Effect: Shock: 100g Peak, 11ms
Random: 10g RMS, 20-2000Hz
Sweep: 50-2000Hz, 5g peak
Position Effect: ± 0.02% Typical
CE Mark (standard): EN 61326:1997 + A1: 1998
Heavy Industrial Immunity
Light Industrial/Residential Emission
Power Requirements: Supply Current: <5mA for voltage outputs
Case: Material 304SS
Wetted Materials: 17-4 SS sensor with 316L SS pressure port or all 316L SS
Diaphragm: 17-4 pH SS or 316L SS
Standard Process Connections: 316 SS

Test stands, compressor control, hydraulic systems, oil field equipment, upstream oil and gas production, natural gas compression and transfer control

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