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Ashcroft 700 Temperature Switches, Explosion-Proof Enclosure

Temperature Switches, Explosion-Proof Enclosure

This broad Ashcroft® switch series ideal for use in virtually all process, industrial and OEM applications.

• Explosion-proof NEMA 7/9, IP66 enclosures
Choice of switch elements for all applications, including hermetically sealed
• Fixed or limited adjustable deadband
• Readily available
• UL listings standard
• CSA listings available
• ATEX models available
• Setpoints adjustable from 15-100% of range

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5
Table 1Enclosure
B7Pressure switch, type 700, explosion-proof enclosure meets Div.1 & 2, NEMA 7/9, IP66 requirements
D7Differential pressure switch, type 700, explosion-proof enclosure meets Div. 1 & 2, NEMA 7/9, IP66 requirements
Table 2Switch Element
20Narrow deadband
21*Ammonia service
22Hermetically sealed switch, narrow deadband
23Heavy duty ac
24**General purpose
25Heavy duty dc
26Sealed environment proof
27High temp. 300°F
31Low level (gold)contacts
32Hermetically sealed switch, general purpose
50Variable deadband
UL/CSA Listed Dual SPDT
61Dual narrow deadband
UL/CSA Listed Dual SPDT
62Dual narrow environment proof
UL/CSA Listed Dual SPDT
63Dual high temp. 300°F
UL/CSA Listed Dual SPDT
64Dual general purpose
UL/CSA Listed Dual SPDT
65Dual ammonia service
UL/CSA Listed Dual SPDT
67Hermetically sealed switch, narrow deadband
UL/CSA Listed Dual SPDT
68Dual hermetically sealed switch, general purpose
Table 2Actuator Seal
CodeMaterial Range
BBuna N yes yes
VViton yes yes
TTeflon yes yes
Table 3Options
X06Pressure connection: ½ NPT male, ¼ NPT female combination
Table 4Pressure Range
10 in.H₂O10 in.H₂O psi
30 in.H₂O30 in.H₂O psi
60 in.H₂O60 in.H₂O psi
100 in.H₂O100 in.H₂O psi
150 in.H₂O150 in.H₂O psi
15#15 psi
30#30 psi
60#60 psi
100#100 psi
200#200 psi
400#400 psi
600#600 psi
1000#1000 psi*
3000#3000 psi

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