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Ashcroft 5503 Stainless Steel Case and Tube Differential Pressure Gauge

Stainless Steel Case and Tube Differential Pressure Gauge

The Ashcroft® Type 5503 differential pressure gauge is available with ranges from 16 I.W.D. to 400 psi with optional static pressure to 3625 psi. Optional wetted parts includes Hastelloy C & Monel. Typical applications include use with liquified gas for nitrogen, helium, argon and carbon dioxide.

• ±1.6% full scale accuracy
• Stainless steel case
• 316 stainless steel wetted parts
• 1450 psi static pressure standard with optional static pressure to 3625 psi
• External zero adjust
• Optional liquid-filled case
• 4˝ (100mm) or 6˝ (160mm) dial sizes
• One sided load permitted
• Optional ATEX approval

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5Table 6Table 7
Table 1Dial Size
104˝ (100mm) or 6˝ (160mm)
Table 2Type
Table 3Diaphragm
S316 SS
Table 4Housing and socket
S316 SS
Table 5Connection Location
Table 6Optional Features
LGlycerin fill
XGVSilicone fill
XLJWeatherproof/Hermetically sealed case
XFWWall mounting bracket
XTMPipe mounting bracket
X433-way manifold
HSHastelloy C diaphragm w/316 stainless steel housing⁽¹⁾
PSMonel diaphragm w/316 stainless steel housing⁽¹⁾
HHHastelloy C diaphragm and housing⁽¹⁾
XAJElectric warning contacts ½% full scale accuracy
XSPStatic pressure to 3625 psi
XPDPolycarbonate window
Table 7Pressure range-0/100 psi
3#3 psi
5#5 psi
10#10 psi
15#15 psi
30#30 psi
60#60 psi
100#100 psi
160#160 psi
200#200 psi
300#300 psi
400#400 psi
600#600 psi
30"30 in. H₂0
60"60 in. H₂0
100"100 in. H₂0
200"200 in. H₂0
Accuracy ±1.6% full scale
Dial Size 4˝ (100mm) or 6˝ (160mm)
Case and Ring 304 SS safety design case with bayonet ring (316 stainless steel case and ring optional)
Dial White painted aluminum
Pointer Black painted aluminum with external adjust feature standard (to 25% of range)
Window Shatterproof glass
Diaphragm Material 316 stainless steel for ranges 15 psi and above. High strength cobalt alloy (Duratherm 600) for ranges of 10 psi and below
Housing Material 316 stainless steel with a Viton O-ring
Socket Material 316 stainless steel
Socket Connection 1/4 NPT or 1/2 NPT lower
Flange for direct mounted valves
Range 0-16 IWD (inches of water differential) to 400 psid
Static Pressure 1450 psi standard with optional static pressure to 3625 psid
Mounting Stem, wall or pipe

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