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Ashcroft 4080, 4480 Pneumatic Transmitter

Pneumatic Transmitter
4080, 4480

Providing plus-values which will coordinate key functional areas in your plant, this Ashcroft® pneumatic transmitter serves pressure applications throughout all industries. A positive report of process fluid and media performance is provided at designated operational check points by a signal accurately transmitted with maximum efficiency, assuring operating economies and safety.

The Ashcroft transmitter is a self-nulling motion- balance instrument, using a pneumatic relay operating on the non-bleed force balance principle for converting input pressures into proportional low air pressure signals for transmittal to remote indicators or controllers.

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4
Table 1Type Number
44804480 nonindicating
40804080 indicating
Table 2Bourdon Tube material
S316 stainless steel
Table 3Range or span
3000#0/3000 psi
5000#0/5000 psi
10,000#0/10000 psi
20,000#0/20000 psi
10/0 in.Hg*10/0 in.Hg* vac
15/0 in.Hg*15/0 in.Hg* vac
20/0 in.Hg*20/0 in.Hg* vac
30/0 in.Hg30/0 in.Hg vac
30 in.Hg/1530 in.Hg/15 Compound psi
30 in.Hg/3030 in.Hg/30 Compound psi
30 in.Hg/6030 in.Hg/60 Compound psi
30 in.Hg/10030 in.Hg/100 Compound psi
30 in.Hg/15030 in.Hg/150 Compound psi
30 in.Hg/20030 in.Hg/200 Compound psi
30 in.Hg/30030 in.Hg/300 Compound psi
1500#0/1500 psi
8#0/8 psi
15#0/15 psi
30#0/30 psi
60#0/60 psi
100#0/100 psi
160#0/160 psi
200#0/200 psi
300#0/300 psi
400#0/400 psi
600#0/600 psi
800#0/800 psi
1000#0/1000 psi
2000#0/2000 psi
Table 4Optional features
XCLCustom calibration
XCECE compliant 4-20mA only
XV9Calibrated vertically
XX1Fast response time 5 msec.
XX2Slow response time 1 sec.
Types 4080 4480
Output ranges, psi 3-15 & 3-27
Supply air requirements 18-20 psi for 3-15 psi range;
30-35 psi for 3-27 psi range
Air consumption SCFM 0.1
Speed of response Time constant of 4 seconds per 500 ft of tubing
Air connection 1⁄4 NPT Female
Calibration adjustments 5 2
Transmission distance 1000 ft
Mounting weight Approximate weight: 9 lb
Accuracy ±% of span 1.0 0.5
Sensitivity ±% of span 0.1 0.001
Repeatability % of span 0.15
Actuation Bourdon tube
Input sensing element material 316 SS
Ambient temperature effect 1⁄2% per 50°F
Process connection 1⁄2 NPT (ordering code 04L)

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