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Ashcroft 330 Flush Mini-Diaphragm Seal

Flush Mini-Diaphragm Seal

• All welded metal construction, prevents leakage of process media
• Flush design eliminates pockets that could cause clogging or build-up of process media
• Diaphragm area easy to clean up
• Provided with a 1˝ MNPT process connection
• Compact size to fit space restricted areas
• No gaskets or bolts
• For use on pressure gauges up to 3½˝ from 60 to 3000 psi
• Top housing and diaphragm material 316L stainless steel
• ¼ & ½ NPT instrument connection
• Adds an additional 1% tolerance to the gauge

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5
Table 1Process Connection
081” Threaded – male NPT
Table 2Type
330All welded flush mini-seal
Table 3Diaphragm Materials
S316L stainless steel
Table 4Instrument Connection
02T¼ NTP - Threaded – female
04T½ NTP - Threaded – female
Table 5Filling Fluid
CodeFill Connection to Instrument
CGGlycerin Direct Only
CKSilicone Direct or Flexible Line
CFHalocarbon Direct or Flexible Line
HASyltherm Direct or –40/750

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