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Ashcroft 320 Sanitary Diaphragm Seal

Sanitary Diaphragm Seal

The Ashcroft® Type 320 quick-connect diaphragm seal is designed especially for those applications that require ease of dismantling and re-assembly and do not require a 3A standard rating in accordance with sanitary standard 74-00.

• 316L stainless steel diaphragm welded to a 316L stainless steel top housing.
• Fill/bleed connection
• Top housing and pressure instrument removable from process.
• Compatible with Tri-Clover and Cherry Burrell S line connections

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5Table 6
Table 1Type Number
320Piping System
Table 2Piping System
Table 3Top Housing Materials
S316L SS
Table 4Diaphragm Materials
S316L SS
Table 5Instrument Connection
02T¼ NPT
04T½ NPT
Table 6Filling Fluid
CodeFilling Connection to Instrument
CGGlycerin Direct Only
CKSilicone Direct or Flexible Line
CFHalocarbon agent Direct or Flexible Line
HASyltherm Direct or Flexible Line
Type Number 320
Piping System 1-1⁄2˝
Code 15
Top Housing Materials 316L SS
Code S
Diaphragm Material 316L SS
Instrument Connection 1⁄4 NPT

Typical applications include the pharmaceutical, dairy, food processing, biotechnology, and filtration markets. Also included are breweries, distilleries, wineries and citrus juice production plants.

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