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Ashcroft 1490 Low Pressure Diaphragm Gauge

Low Pressure Diaphragm Gauge

The Ashcroft® Type 1490 low pressure diaphragm gauge is designed to measure pressure from 10" H2O to 15 psi, both positive and negative pressures. This gauge uses a very sensitive diaphragm capsule to measure low pressure and vacuum. The gauge is specifically designed for use whenever the pressure medium is a gas that is not corrosive to beryllium copper, brass, polysulfone and RTV silicone. The polysufone case is suitable for intermittent or continuous service on natural gas provided a .013" throttle plug is installed in the socket. Typical applications are, but not limited to, vacuum pumps, gas leak detectors, air compressors, air filters, gas burners, gas measurement, vacuum ovens, suction regulators and respirators.

• 2-1/2" and 3-1/2" dial size
• Glass-filled polysulfone case material, won’t rust or dent
• Beryllium copper diaphragm
• Brass socket
• Wetted materials of beryllium copper, brass, polysulfone and RTV silicone
• Exclusive autoclavable feature

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5Table 6Table 7
Table 1Dial Size
Table 2Case Type
1490Low Pressure Diaphragm Gauge
Table 3Wetted material
ABeryllium CopperBrass Polysulfone RTV Silicone
Table 4Connection Size
Table 5Connection Location
Table 6Optional Features
XOS*Overload Stop
XVS*Underload Stop
XTSThrottle Screw
XPDPlastic Window
XSGSafety Glass
Table 7Standard Pressure Range
10#0/10 in.H₂O
15#0/15 in.H₂O
30#0/30 in.H₂O
60#0/60 in.H₂O
100#0/100 in.H₂O
160#0/160 in.H₂O
200#0/200 in.H₂O
300#0/200 in.H₂O
10#0/10 oz./in.²
15#0/15 oz./in.²
30#0/30 oz./in.²
60#0/60 oz./in.²
100#0/100 oz./in.²
160#0/160 oz./in.²
250#0/250 oz./in.²
3#0/3 psi
5#0/5 psi
10#0/10 psi
15#0/15 psi
Model Number: 1490
Accuracy: ±2-1-2% full scale (Grade A, ASME B40.100)
Ranges: 10 in. H2O through 15 psi including vac. and compound
Case Material: Black, glass filled polysulfone
Socket Material: Brass
Movement: Brass
Sensing Element: Beryllium copper diaphragm
Window: Polycarbonate, quarter turn bayonet style mounting
Dial: Aluminum, white background, black figures and intervals.
Pointer: Black, aluminum, fixed
Connection Size: 1⁄8 NPT (01)
1⁄4 NPT (02)
1⁄8˝ tubing hose barb (HD)
3⁄16˝ tubing hose barb (HE)
1⁄4˝ tubing hose barb (HF)
1⁄4˝ O.D.polytube hose barb (HG)
10-32 2B female thread (HH)
Connection Location: Lower (L)
Center Back (B)
Top (T)
3 o'clock (D)
9 o'clock (E)
Operating Temperature: –20 to 180°F
Proof Pressure: 150% of range
Burst Pressure: Up to 5 psi = 50 psi
Greater than 5 psi = 100 psi
1% Accuracy: XAN
Dial Marking: XDA
Stainless Steel Tag: XNH
Throttle Plug:(1)(3) XTU
Throttle Screw:(4) XTS
U-clamp:(2) XUC
FlutterGuard™: XZY

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