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Ashcroft 1259 Process Pressure Gauge

Process Pressure Gauge

The Type 1259 process gauge is offered with an as-welded Bourdon tube to ensure safety and a longer life than competitive gauges. Meeting ASME B40.1, the Type 1259 process gauge has been engineered to meet marketplace requirements.

• Solid front safety case
• Accuracy complies with ASME B 40.1 Grade 2A (±0.5% of span)
• As-welded Bourdon Tube for safety and longer life
• Easily adjustable, self-locking micrometer pointer
• Adjustable movement
• Ranges: vac to 20,000 psi
• Date coded socket to ensure pedigree
• Wetted part material printed on dial

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5Table 6Table 7
Table 1Dial Size
Table 2Case Type
1259Ring-threaded reinforced polypropylene
Table 3Bourdon Tube & Tip Socket
SD316 stainless steel
Table 4Connection Size
04½ NPT
Table 5Connection Location
Table 6Optional Features
XOSOverload Stop
XVSUnderload Stop
XTSThrottle Screw
XPDPlastic Window
XSGSafety Glass
Table 7Standard Pressure Range
15#0/15 psi
30#0/30 psi
60#0/60 psi
100#0/100 psi
160#0/160 psi
200#0/200 psi
300#0/300 psi
400#0/400 psi
600#0/600 psi
800#0/800 psi
1000#0/1000 psi
1500#0/1500 psi
2000#0/2000 psi
3000#0/3000 psi
5000#0/5000 psi
10000#0/10,000 psi
20000#0/20,000 psi
30 in. Hg/15 psi30 in. Hg/15 compound psi
30 in. Hg/30 psi30 in. Hg/30 compound psi
30 in. Hg/60 psi30 in. Hg/60 compound psi
30 in. Hg/100 psi30 in. Hg/100 compound psi
30 in. Hg/150 psi30 in. Hg/150 compound psi
30 in. Hg/300 psi30 in. Hg/300 compound psi
30/0 in. Hg30/0 in. Hg vacuum
Model Number: 1259
Accuracy: 1⁄2% full scale (Grade 2A, ASME B40.100)
Ranges: Vacuum – 20,000 psi
Ring Type: Cam lock, fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic
Dial Size: 4-1⁄2" diameter
Case: Solid front safety
Case Material: Fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic
Window: Glass
Dial: Aluminum, white background, black pressure scale.
Pointer: Micrometer adjustable
Movement: Adjustable 300 series ss
Bourdon Tube: 316L SS/316L SS(S) K Monel/Monel (P)
Connection Size: 1⁄4, 1⁄2 NPT
Connection Location: Lower
Fill: Glycerin
Hermetic Seal: XLJ
Flush Mounting Ring: X56, X57
Shatter Proof Glass Window: XSG
Acrylic Window: XPD

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