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Ashcroft 1084 Pocket Test Gauge

Pocket Test Gauge

With an accuracy of ±0.5%, Grade 2A, plus rugged stainless steel construction, the Ashcroft® Type 1084 more than exceeds the requirements for on-the-spot inspections. To improve accuracy, stability and socket thread life, the Bourdon tube and socket assembly is made of type 316 stainless steel with all-welded construction; this system is standard for all ranges.

To make reading easier and faster, each unit is provided with a new, highly readable dial. Reading error caused by parallax is eliminated by aligning the knife-edge tip pointer with its reflection in the mirror band on the dial. Also available is a stainless steel cover that fits securely over the window and protects the gauge from damage while being carried in a tool box or pocket. An attractive, cushioned Nylon fabric pouch with carrying strap is offered as standard equipment.

• Available in a 3˝ dial size
• Stainless steel movement with Teflon-coated bearings and pinion gear
• Black, adjustable pointer with red-painted knife-edge tip
• Stainless steel construction
• Zero-adjustable white aluminum dial with polished mirror band
• 1⁄4 NPT lower connection only

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5Table 6
Table 1Dial Size
Table 2Case Type
Table 3Bourdon system selection ordering code
Ordering CodeBourdon Tube & Tip Material⁽¹⁾ (all joints TIG welded) Tube Type NPT Conn.
S316 stainless steel C-Tube ¼
Table 4Connection Size
Table 5Connection Location
Table 6Standard pressure range
30 in.Hg/300 psi30 in.Hg/300 compound psi
30 in.Hg/150 psi30 in.Hg/150 compound psi
30 in.Hg/100 psi30 in.Hg/100 compound psi
30 in.Hg/60 psi30 in.Hg/60 compound psi
30 in.Hg/30 psi30 in.Hg/30 compound psi
30 in.Hg/15 psi30 in.Hg/15 compound psi
30 in.Hg/030 in.Hg/0 vacuum psi
1000#0/1000 psi
600#0/600 psi
400#0/400 psi
300#0/300 psi
200#0/200 psi
150#0/150 psi
100#0/100 psi
60#0/60 psi
30#0/30 psi
15#0/15 psi
Case Polished Stainless Steel
Dial Zero adjustable, aluminum, white background with black numerals, with polished mirror band.
Pointer lack painted aluminum with red painted knife edge tip.
Movement Stainless steel with Teflon "S" coating bearing and pinion.
Bourdon Tube Material Stainless steel.
Accuracy ±0.5%/ASME B40.1, Grade 2A.
Connection ¼" NPT, lower only.

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