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Ashcroft 1032 Sanitary Gauge

Sanitary Gauge

Available in 2½", 3½", and 4½" dial sizes, 1032 sanitary pressure gauges can be autoclaved/sterilized and cleaned or steamed in place (CIP, SIP). These gauges have been designed specifically to meet the needs of the sanitary marketplace. They are available dry, liquid-filled or hermetically sealed to allow for washdowns and also available with the PLUS!™ performance option.

• Patented PowerFlex™ movement isolates movement from shock and vibration for longer life
• All stainless, all-welded construction for long life
• New PLUS!™ Performance Option:
   - Liquid-filled performance in a dry gauge
   - Fights vibration and pulsations without liquid-fill headaches
   - Autoclavable to 300°F (149°C)1 - Order as option XLL
• True Zero™ pointer indication – no stop pin to mask false zero reading – ensures safety and process control.

(1) 2½˝, 3½˝ requires optional polysulfone window XPS.

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5
Table 1Dial Size
Table 2Case Type
Table 3Connection Tri-Clamp Size
Table 4Connection Location
Table 5Standard pressure range
30 in.Hg/300 psi30 in.Hg/300 Compound Vacuum psi
30 in.Hg/150 psi30 in.Hg/150 Compound Vacuum psi
30 in.Hg/100 psi30 in.Hg/100 Compound Vacuum psi
30 in.Hg/60 psi30 in.Hg/60 Compound Vacuum psi
30 in.Hg/30 psi30 in.Hg/30 Compound Vacuum psi
30 in.Hg/15 psi30 in.Hg/15 Compound Vacuum psi
30 in.Hg/0 psi30 in.Hg/0 Compound Vacuum psi
1000#0/1000 psi
600#0/600 psi
400#0/400 psi
300#0/300 psi
200#0/200 psi
160#0/160 psi
100#0/100 psi
60#0/60 psi
30#0/30 psi
15#0/15 psi
Dial Sizes: 2-1/2˝ , 3-1/2˝ and 4-1/2˝
Process Connection: 1-1/2˝ and 2˝ Tri-Clamp lower and back
Diaphragm Material and Surface Finish: Electropolished 316L stainless steel 12-20RA (Micro-inch)
Case and Ring: 300 series polished stainless steel
Accuracy: ±1.5% of span for pressure ranges 100 psi thru 1000 psi. ±2.0% of span for vacuum, compound and pressure ranges below 100 psi
Pointer: Adjustable (external zero adjust on 3-1/2˝ dial size)
Windows: 2-1/2˝, 3-1/2˝–Polycarbonate standard 4-1/2˝–Glass standard
Dial: White with black markings including 3A insignia
Agency Compliance: 3A compliance to standard 74-02 titled – "3A Sanitary Standard for Liquid Pressure and Level sensing Devices"
System Filling: Pharmacuetical/food quality USP grade glycerin (99.5% pure) Optional: Food grade silicone
Optional System Fillings: Consult factory
Case Fillings: The standard sanitary gauge is dry Optional fills include:
• Glycerin USP Grade 99.5% pure)
• Food grade silicone
Optional Windows: Safety glass and polysulfon (2-1/2˝ and 3-1/2˝)
Autoclave or Sterilize: Temperature limit of 300°F (149°C). We recommend a polysulfone window for autoclave/ sterilization. Specify the XPS variation.

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