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Ashcroft 1005 Steel Case Commercial Pressure Gauge

Steel Case Commercial Pressure Gauge

Ashcroft® Type 1005 gauges are available in 1½˝ through 3½˝ dial sizes. The full-view polycarbonate push-in window allows for better dial visibility. These gauges are commonly used on compressors, filter regulators, water pumps, beverage-dispensing equipment, paint sprayers and a variety of other applications.

Ashcroft Type 1005 gauges have the patented PowerFlex movement with polyester segment for increased resistance to rough usage, for a more durable, longerlasting gauge.

True Zero indication reduces the potential risk of installing a damaged gauge on your equipment. FlutterGuard™ can be added

• Case material is black-painted steel
• These gauges have a heat-resistant push-in polycarbonate window
• Dial faces match other Ashcroft® commercial gauges for easy readability
• Patented PowerFlex™ movement with polyester segment
• True Zero™ indication, a unique safety feature

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5Table 6Table 7
Table 1Dial Size
Table 2Case Type Number
Table 3Socket Material
Table 4Connection size
01⅙ NPT
Table 5Connection Location
Table 6Option
X(AP)Adjustable Pointer
Table 7Range
100#100 psi
Type no.: 1005
Accuracy: ASME B 40.1 Grade B (±3-2-3% of span)
Size: 11⁄2˝, 2˝, 21⁄2˝, 31⁄2˝
Case: Black-painted steel
Ring: None
Window: Polycarbonate push-in
Dial: Black figures on white background
Pointer: Black, aluminum
Bourdon tube: "C" shaped bronze (Vac.-600 psi and compound)
Helical bronze (1000-6000 psi)
Movement: Patented PowerFlex with polyester segment
Socket: Brass
Restrictor: 0.013˝ orifice throttle plug in gauges 1000 psi and above
Connection: 1⁄8 NPT lower, 1⁄8 NPT back
1⁄4 NPT lower, 1⁄4 NPT back
(11⁄2˝ back connection available in 1⁄8 NPT only)
Ranges: Vac.-6000 psi and compound (1000-6000 psi available in 2˝ and 21⁄2˝ lower and back connection, 1⁄4 NPT only. 11⁄2˝ available in vac.-300 psi only)
Operating temperature: –40°F to 150°F

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