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ASCO SERIES 8040 - 8215 Aluminum Body Solenoid Valves

Aluminum Body Solenoid Valves
SERIES 8040 - 8215

• Light weight, low cost valves for commercial and industrial gas burners
• Ideal for low pressure applications
• Provides high, flow, CV up to 138 (KV 118)

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Cat #TypePipe Size (ins.)Orifice Size (ins.)Cv Flow FactorMin.Gas Capacity Btu/hr 6Max. AC Air-Fuel GasMax. DC Air-Fuel GasMax. Fluid Temp. °F ACMax. Fluid Temp. °F DCConst. Ref. ACConst. Ref. DCUL ListingACDC
8040H006NORMALLY CLOSED (Closed when de-energized)1/85/161.0053,70015-125-1111Safety Shutoff Valve6.1/F-
8040H007NORMALLY CLOSED (Closed when de-energized)1/45/161.1059,00015-125-1111Safety Shutoff Valve6.1/F-
8040H008NORMALLY CLOSED (Closed when de-energized)3/85/161.2064,40015-125-1111Safety Shutoff Valve6.1/F-
8215G010NORMALLY CLOSED (Closed when de-energized)3/83/43.40183,000502512510422Safety Shutoff Valve10.1/F11.6/F
8215G001NORMALLY CLOSED (Closed when de-energized)3/83/43.55-12512512510411Safety Shutoff Valve6.1/F11.6/F
8040G022NORMALLY CLOSED (Closed when de-energized)1/23/45.40291,0002-125-13A13ASafety Shutoff Valve10.1/F-
8215G020NORMALLY CLOSED (Closed when de-energized)1/23/44.40238,500502512510422Safety Shutoff Valve10.1/F11.6/F
8215G002NORMALLY CLOSED (Closed when de-energized)1/23/44.85-12512512510411Safety Shutoff Valve6.1/F11.6/F
8040G023NORMALLY CLOSED (Closed when de-energized)3/43/49.50512,0002-125-13B13BSafety Shutoff Valve10.1/F-
8215G030NORMALLY CLOSED (Closed when de-energized)3/43/45.10247,500502512510444Safety Shutoff Valve10.1/F11.6/F
8215G003NORMALLY CLOSED (Closed when de-energized)3/43/45.15-12512512510433Safety Shutoff Valve6.1/F11.6/F
8215B050NORMALLY CLOSED (Closed when de-energized)11 5/82101,119,000252512577616Safety Shutoff Valve15.4/F14.9/B
8215B060NORMALLY CLOSED (Closed when de-energized)1 1/41 5/83201,730,000252512577616Safety Shutoff Valve15.4/F14.9/B
8215B070NORMALLY CLOSED (Closed when de-energized)1 1/21 5/83501,900,000252512577616Safety Shutoff Valve15.4/F14.9/B
8215B080NORMALLY CLOSED (Closed when de-energized)22 3/326003,251,000251512577717Safety Shutoff Valve15.4/F14.9/B
8215A090NORMALLY CLOSED (Closed when de-energized)2 1/2311705,821,0005-125-88Safety Shutoff Valve28.2/F-
8215A040NORMALLY CLOSED (Closed when de-energized)3313807,430,0005-125-88Safety Shutoff Valve28.2/F-
Valve Parts in Contact with Fluids:
Body: Aluminum
Seals, Diaphragms, Disc: PA (10.1 and 11.6 watt Normally Open only)
Disc-Holder: PA (10.1 and 11.6 watt Normally Open only)
Core Guide: CA
Core Tube: 305 Stainless Steel
Rider Rings: PTFE
Core and Plugnut: 430F Stainless Steel
Springs: 302 Stainless Steel
Shading Coil: Copper
Max. Fluid Temp. °F AC: 125

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