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ASCO P-SERIES Compact Temperature Switches

Compact Temperature Switches

ASCO P-Series temperature switches consist of an open frame or enclosure protected switch unit and a transducer unit. They can be ordered separately for customer stocking and/or field assembly or as a complete factory-assembled unit.

P-Series temperature switch units incorporate the unique ASCO TRI-POINT alternating fulcrum balance plate to control the operation of one or more electrical snap-action switches. The electrical snap-action switch together with the adjusting mechanism is a fully-tested, self-contained subassembly.

The temperature transducer unit uses a vapor pressure principle where the internal pressure within the unit is generated by the vapor pressure of a chemical within a sealed system. Temperature transducers are available in two constructions, a direct mount or capillary and bulb construction. The direct mount unit includes a 1/2” NPT connection for direct mounting to the process. The capillary and bulb construction allows remote mounting from the process. The transducer unit (like the switch unit) is a fully-tested, self-contained subassembly.

Temperature sensed by the bulb creates an internal pressure within the transducer. This pressure is then converted into movement of the piston. This piston movement is then used to control the operation of the electrical snap-action switch in the switch unit.

• Set point repeatability, +1°F (1/2°C).
• All wiring terminals, adjustments and visual scales are accessible from the front of the switch.
• Choice of open frame type, general purpose, or watertight enclosure.
• Choice of fixed, limited adjustable or full-range adjustable deadband.
• Choice of single or two-stage units.
• Compact size.
• Mounts in any position.
• Rugged and vibration resistant.
• Visual adjustment scales in °F and °C.
• Direct mount (local) or capillary and bulb (remote) sensors.
• Temperature transducers available with copper or 316 SS wetted material.
• Withstands high overrange temperatures.
• Mix and match switch and transducer components for increased stock flexibility or to change pressure ranges in field.

Standard Electrical Ratings:
PA, PB, PC Series: 15 Amp Res., 125 VAC
10 Amp Res., 250 VAC
1/8 HP, 125 VAC
1/4 HP, 250 VAC
1/2 Amp Res., 125 VDC
1/4 Amp Res., 250 VDC
PG Series: 15 Amp Res., 125 VAC
10 Amp Res., 250 VAC
1/8 HP, 125 VAC
1/4 HP, 250 VAC
Standard Temperature Ratings:
Ambient: -4°F (-20°C) to 122°F (50°C)

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