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ASCO 8327 Series High Flow Direct Acting Valves

High Flow Direct Acting Valves
8327 Series

Designed for long life, high flow at minimum power levels. Direct acting solenoid valves in Universal configuration. Available either AC or DC operated in brass or stainless steel bodies.

• Designed for high flow piloting with no minimum operating pressure required; e.g. power plants, refineries, chemical processing
• Balanced Poppet construction for high flow at minimum power levels
• PTFE rider rings and graphite-filled seals reduce friction and eliminate sticking to provide exceptional service life
• 316 Stainless Steel construction for highly corrosive atmospheres
• Available with manual reset See Special Service Section

   For Brass Valves: Standard Solenoid enclosure is Types, 1, 2, 3, 3S, 4, and 4X.
   For 316 Stainless Steel valves: Standard Solenoid enclosure is Explosionproof and Watertight Types 3, 3S, 4, 4X, 6, and 6P.
   Explosionproof and Watertight, Types 3, 3S, 4, 4X, 6, 6P, 7, and 9.
(To order, add prefix “EF” or, for Explosionproof Stainless Steel trim and hub on Brass-Bodied valves, add “EV” to catalog number.)

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Ports 1-2ACConst.Ref.DCModel:Max. Fluid Temp.°FPorts 2-3Orifice Size (ins.)Air-inert GasPipe Size (ins.)WaterTypeLight Oil @ 300 SSUCat #
.4912.0/F111.6/FUNIVERSAL OPERATION (Pressure at any port)176.561/41501/4150Brass Body1508327G041
.4912.0/F111.6/FUNIVERSAL LOW-TEMPERATURE OPERATION (Pressure at any port)131.561/41501/4-Brass Body-8327G051
.4912.0/F111.6/FUNIVERSAL OPERATION (Pressure at any port)248.561/41501/4150316 Stainless Steel Body150EV8327G042
.4912.0/F111.6/FUNIVERSAL LOW-TEMPERATURE OPERATION (Pressure at any port)131.561/41501/4-316 Stainless Steel Body-EV8327G052
Valve Parts in Contact with Fluids 
Body:  Brass 316 Stainless Steel
Core Tube: 305 Stainless Steel
Stem and Insert: 303 Stainless Steel
Core and Plug nut: 430F Stainless Steel
O-ring Holder: 430F Stainless Steel
Springs: 302 Stainless Steel Silver
Seals and Discs : NBR FKM
VMQ (Low-Temperature Construction)
Rider Ring: PTFE

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