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Action Instruments WV108 DC Input Limit Alarm

DC Input Limit Alarm

The Ultra SlimPak II is an exciting new line of isolating signal conditioners from Action Instruments with greater accuracy and better stability than virtually any other signal conditioners on the market today.

The WV108 is a DC Voltage or Current Input Limit Alarm with dual setpoints and two contact closure outputs. The input type and alarm functions are field configurable, offering maximum flexibility. There are five input voltage ranges between ±20mV and ±200V, and two current input ranges, ±10mA and ±100mA. Alarm setpoints are fully adjustable throughout the entire range.

The WV108-2000 contains two standard non-latching SPDT relays. When power is removed, the relays revert to their non-powered state. The WV108-2001 contains two latching relays. Whatever position the relays are in when power is removed is where they will remain when power is re-applied (a reset switch is provided to reset the relays after the alarm is no longer true). Both models are configurable as a single or dual setpoint alarm, with HI or LO trips. The WV108-2000 supports failsafe or non-failsafe operation. In failsafe operation the relay coil is energized when the process is below the HI setpoint or above the LO setpoint (opposite for non-failsafe). In the failsafe mode, a power failure results in an alarm state output.

• Plastic Extruders
• Small Ovens
• Chillers
• Trace Heating
• Packaging Machines

Voltage Input Ranges: ±20mV, ±200mV, ±2V, ±20V & ±200V
Impedance: >100k ohms
Overvoltage: 200Vrms, max.
Current Input Range: ±10mA & ±100mA
Impedance: 20 ohms, typical
Overcurrent: 170mA RMS, max
Overvoltage: 60VDC
Minimum Deadband
Range: Deadband:
±20mV 0.2% (80 microvolts)
±200mV 0.2% (800 microvolts)
±2V 0.1% (4mV)
±20V 0.1% (40mV)
±200V 0.025% (100mV)
±10mA 0.1% (20 microamps)
±100mA 0.025% (50 microamps)
Response Time
Response Time Dynamic Deadband: Relay status will change when proper setpoint/process condition exists for 100mSec or greater
Normal Mode: <250mSec (analog filtering)
Effectivity: Setpoints are adjustable (by pushbutton) over 100% of the selected input span
>200mV/10mA: 0.1% of full scale (constant temperature)
<200mV/10mA: 0.2% of full scale
Relay Contacts: 2 SPDT (2 form C) Relays
1 relay per setpoint
Current rating (general use)
120VAC: 5A; 240VAC: 2A; 28VDC: 5A
Material: Gold flash over silver alloy
Electrical Life: 105 operations
Reset Switch: For unlatching the relay once the process is no longer in the alarm state (WV108-2001 only)
Local Range Selection: By DIP switch
Common Mode Rejection: 120dB @ DC, >90dB @ 60Hz, or better
Isolation: 1800VDC or peak AC between contacts, input & power
Operating: 0 to 60°C
Storage: -25 to +85°C
Power: 9 to 30VDC
1.2W typ., (2.2W max. with both relays energized)
Excitation Voltage: 24VDC @ 20mA
Host Module Interface: IR link
Operating Temperature: 0°C to +60°C (32 to 140°F)
Storage Temperature: -25°C to +85°C (-13 to 185°F)
Operating Relative Humidity (non-condensing) : 15% to 95%RH at 45°
Non-operating Relative Humidity (non-condensing): 90%RH at 60°C for 24 hours
Agency Approvals: CE, EN61326, EN61010-1
(EMC & Safety): UL and CSA Combined mark

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