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Itron B42 Series Gas Regulator

Gas Regulator
B42 Series

The B-42 is a spring loaded self operated regulator with internal relief. The B42 features a molded diaphragm, 6:1 lever ratio and a one inch vent. The benefit is a lighter more compact unit that provides the power, capacity and relief performance of larger regulators B42R - The B42R is the internal relief (R) version of the B42 Series. The large 1 internal relief valve provides exceptional relief capacity.

• Interchangeable aluminum orifice
• 12.6 in2 of diaphragm area
• Molded deep convolution diaphragm with o-ring seal
• Plated steel diaphragm plate
• Stainless steel lever pin
• Plated steel 6:1 lever
• One piece molded Buna-N valve seat
• Die cast zinc valve stem
• Delrin® vent valve with Buna-N seat
• Spring loaded internal relief valve assembly
• 1 and 3/4 threaded vent with stainless steel screen
• Fiberglass reinforced polethelyne seal cap with integral relief valve stop
• Field interchangeable adjustment spring
• CSA 6-18 Approved
• Measurement Canada Approved - G108
• B109.4 Compliant

Material Construction:
Valve Body: High tensile strength cast iron (ASTM A-126, Class A)
Orifice: Aluminum
Valve Seat: Buna-N or silicone
Valve Stem: Die cast zinc
Lever Pin: Stainless steel (Type 303)
Lever: Zinc and dichromate plated steel (AISI C1010)
Upper Diaphragm Plate: Zinc and dichromate plated steel (14 gauge steel)
Lower Diaphragm Plate: Polyester
Diaphragm: Buna-N on Dacron reinforcing fabric
Vent Valve/Seat: Neoprene
Vent Screen: Stainless Steel (16 mesh)
Adjustment Ferrule: Delrin
Seal Cap: Fiberglass reinforced polyethylene
Diaphragm Case: Die cast aluminum (ASTM B85 –Alloy SC84A)
Fastener Plating: Dacromet with Plus Black
Shipping Weight:
Shipping Weight:  48 lbs.


Die cast aluminum (ASTM B85 –Alloy SC84A)

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