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Itron B34 Series Commercial & Industrial Regulator

Commercial & Industrial Regulator
B34 Series

B34R - The B34R is the internal relief version of the B34 Series. This model features an adjustable loading ring for controlled boost at higher flows, a precision breather opening to ensure proper stability for all conditions, and a 1 internal relief valve.

• Interchangeable brass orifice
• 78 in² of diaphragm area
• Spring-loaded internal relief valve assembly
• Field interchangeable adjustment spring
• Controlled size breather orifice eliminates pulsation and provides normal actuation at low flows
• Wide range of valve body sizes including NPT and Flange connections

Material Construction:
Valve Body: High tensile strength cast iron
Orifice: Brass
Valve Seat: Buna-N or silicone (for temperatures below -20F)
Valve Stem: Plated Steel
Lever Pin: Stainless steel
Lever: Zinc and dichromate plated steel
Stem Guide: Stainless steel
Upper Diaphragm Plate: Zinc and dichromate plated steel
Lower Diaphragm Plate: Zinc and dichromate plated steel
Diaphragm: Buna-N and nylon
Vent Valve/Seat: Delrin/Buna-N
Vent Screen: Stainless Steel
Adjustment Ferrule: Die cast aluminum
Seal Cap: Die cast aluminum
Diaphragm Case: Die cast aluminum
Shipping Weight:
1 per box: 24 lbs.

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