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ACI A/SCS Series Split-Core Fixed Current “Status” Switches

Split-Core Fixed Current “Status” Switches
A/SCS Series

The A/SCS and A/SCSX series current switches are available in a split-core with either Normally-Open (N/O) or Normally-Closed (N/C) output configurations. All of these sensors will have a solid-state output with a fixed trip point (setpoint). These current switches are ideal for providing status information on any type of AC current using equipment. Both the A/SCS and A/SCSX series current switches are an excellent choice for retrofit or existing installations, since you will not have to power down the unit and disconnect any wires during the installation process. The A/SCS and A/SCSX current switches are accurate, reliable, easy to install, and require less servicing than differential pressure switches, flow switches, and paddle wheels.

These current switches should be used in applications in which a “Go/No Go” current switch is required. The “Go/No Go” Current switches should be used to monitor the “on/off” status of any equipment that uses AC current.

The A/SCS and A/SCSX series current switches can be used to monitor devices with a maximum continuous operating current of up to 250 Amps depending on the model number ordered. These current switches will not need to be externally powered since the power for the switch is induced from the conductor being monitored. Another great feature of the A/SCS and A/SCSX series current switches is that they include a Red “Status” LED that will indicate whether the current is above the fixed trip point.

• Split-Core design is suited for retrofit applications
• Integral Din-rail mounting flange
• Limited 5 year warranty
• UL94-5VB (enclosure rating)
• LED Indication
• Models rated to 200 and 250 amps Applications:
• Monitoring fans, pumps and other electrical equipment for status
• Rated for industrial use

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Cat #DescriptionsFixed Trip PointOutput Switch Rating
A/SCSSplit-Core Current Switch, N/O, 0-200A2.50 Amps0.30A @ 200 VAC/VDC
A/SCS-LSplit-Core Current Switch, N/O, 0-200A1.50 Amps0.30A @ 200 VAC/VDC
A/SCSXSplit-Core Current Switch, N/O, 0-200A2.50 Amps0.15A @ 300 VAC/VDC
Sensor Power Induced from monitored conductor
Amperage Rating See ordering info on back
Operating Frequency 40 to 1 kHz
Isolation Voltage 2,200 VAC
Max. Sensing Current Voltage 600 VAC
Output Switch Rating A/SCS (N/O): 0.3A @ 200 VAC/VDC
A/SCSX (N/C): 0.15A @ 300 VAC/VDC
Status LED Indication Red LED - Above Trip Point
Aperture (Hole) Size 0.75", Accepts up to 350 MCM Cables
DIN Rail Size 35mm
Unit Weight 0.21 lbs
Operating Temperature Range -15 to 40oC (5 to 104oF)
Operating Humidity Range 0 to 95% RH, non-condensing

Note: DO NOT use the LED's to indicate whether the sensors have power applied to them.

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