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ABB 10A3200 Armored Purgemeter Flow Meter

Armored Purgemeter Flow Meter

The armored variable area flowmeter offers new possibilities for metering small flowrates of liquids and gases.The instrument is particularly well suited for metering cloudy, opaque or aggressive fluids.

• Measures ranges from 0.26 to 800 GPH water or 1.7 to 3300 SCFH air.
• Easy to read percent or direct reading scale.
• Integral needle valve in the inlet or outlet (10A3220).
• Single and/or dual alarms.
• Analog output signal 4-20 mA (10A3250/55)
• Differential pressure regulator (10A3220)
• Installation length only 90 mm (10A3220)
• Optional stainless steel indicator housing.

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5Table 6Table 7Table 8Table 9Table 10Table 11Table 12Table 13Table 14Table 15Table 16
Table 1secondary
2Indicator w/wo Alarm
5Indicator w/ Transmitter
Table 2Differential Pressure Rregulator (with connection pipes)
ANot Required
T316 Stainless Steel ( For Model 10A3220 1/4” dia. tube only)
Table 3Connection Type
A1/4” NPT (100 l/h or less)
K3/8” NPT (100 to 300 l/h) (3/8” tube)
M1/2” NPT (100 to 300 l/h) (3/8” tube)
N1/2” NPT (400 to 800 l/h) (1/2” tube)
P1” NPT (800 to 3000 l/h) (1” tube)
Q1”G (800 to 3000 l/h) (1” tube)
Table 4Regulator Mounting
1Pipe Mounting
2Wall Mounting (with Differential Pressure Regulator)
Table 5External Alarm Relay
1SPDT Single Alarm-115Vac
2SPDT Dual Alarm-115Vac
3DPDT Single (or Dual-requires 2 relays) Alarm-115Vac
4SPDT Single Alarm-220 Vac
5SPDT Dual Alarm-220 Vac
6DPDT Single (or Dual-requires 2 relays) Alarm-220 Vac
7SPDT Dual Alarm-24 Vdc
8SPDT Dual Alarm-24 Vdc
9DPDT Single (or Dual-requires 2 relays) Alarm-24 Vdc
Table 6Flow Range
011/4” Diameter Tube 1 l/h
021/4” Diameter Tube 1.6 l/h
031/4” Diameter Tube 2.5 l/h
041/4” Diameter Tube 4 l/h
051/4” Diameter Tube 6 l/h
061/4” Diameter Tube 10 l/h
071/4” Diameter Tube 16l/h
081/4” Diameter Tube 25 l/h
091/4” Diameter Tube 40 l/h
101/4” Diameter Tube 60 l/h
111/4” Diameter Tube 100 l/h
203/8” Diameter Tube 100 l/h
213/8” Diameter Tube 160 l/h
223/8” Diameter Tube 200 l/h
233/8” Diameter Tube 250 l/h
243/8” Diameter Tube 300 l/h
301/2” Diameter Tube 400 l/h
311/2” Diameter Tube 500 l/h
321/2” Diameter Tube 600 l/h
331/2” Diameter Tube 700 l/h
341/2” Diameter Tube 800 l/h
401” Diameter Tube 800 l/h
411” Diameter Tube 1000 l/h
421” Diameter Tube 1600 l/h
431” Diameter Tube 2000 l/h
441” Diameter Tube 2500 l/h
451” Diameter Tube 3000 l/h
Table 7Scale Design
DDirect Reading
BStandard ±6% of maximum flow
CCalibrated ±3% of maximum flow
Gas Service
DLiquid, viscosity under V.I.C
Gas Service
ELiquids, Viscosity over V.I.C & less than 100 ctks
Gas Service
FLiquids, Viscosity over V.I.C & greater than 100 ctks
Table 2External Needle Valve (316 sst) & Nipple (unassembled)
V11/4” NPT PN 614C068U01
V23/8” NPT PN 614C068U02
V31/2” NPT PN 614C068U03
V51” NPT PN 614C068U05
Table 3Construction
0Horizontal Screw Connection (only for 1/4” dia. tube
5Vertical Screw Connection
Table 4Integral Needle Valve Position (for 1/4” tubes only)
NInlet Fitting, for 10A3220 only
MOutlet Fitting, for 10A3220 only (recommended for liquids)
Table 5Material of Construction (Meter tube holders & o-rings)
1PVDF (KYNAR) & Viton o-rings, 1/4”
2PVDF (KYNAR) & Buna N o-rings, 1/4”
3PTFE (TEFLON) & KALREZ o-rings, 1/4”
4Without & Viton o-rings, 3/8, 1/2, 1”
5Without & Buna N, 3/8, 1/2, 1”
6Without & KALREZ, 3/8, 1/2, 1”
Table 6Certifications
BCertificate of Conformance
CPressure Test
DMaterial Certificate (EN 1204-3.1) plus Pressure Tesy (AD-200)
Table 7Float Design
0Standard float design
1Twisted guide rod float for gas service (sizes >1/4”)
Table 8Indicator Housing Material
APolycarbonate Cover, aluminum back (NA with transmitter)
EStainless Steel & Glass Cover, Stainless steel back (NA with transmitter)
FStainless Steel & Glass Cover, Stainless steel back (for transmitter option)
Table 9Output Signal
0Indicator w/o Output Signal
1Indicator w/Minimum Alarm
2Indicator w/Maximum Alarm
3Indcator w/Minimum/Maximum Alarm
4Indicator w/Analog-Output 4-20 mA/2 -Wire
O-rings: O-Ring Viton A 300ºF (150ºC)
O-Ring Buna N 248ºF (120ºC)
O-Ring Kalrez 285ºF (140ºC)
Meter Tube Holder:  PVDF 212ºF (100ºC)
TFE 500ºF (260ºC)
Alarm Transmitter : Non-Ex-Design 176ºF (80ºC) T4
Ex-Design 113ºF 45ºC) T6
Angular Converter: Ex-Design 300ºF (150ºC)
300ºF (150ºC)

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