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Premium Products, Cost-Effective Solutions and Technical Support for Pharmaceutical Maintenance, Operations and Facilities.

While you continue your focus on developing, manufacturing and delivering safe medicines, bio-technology and health-care products for the world, Industrial Controls will continue ours – providing control solutions, continuous and batch control systems, sanitary and conventional products and technical support for your pharmaceutical operations and facilities. We can provide products with certification to meet your validation requirements and we have the experience with 21CFR  Part 11 compliance and other FDA or EPA regulatory requirements to be your trusted partner.






Industrial Controls caters to the widest variety of segments in the pharmaceutical market. Explore our targeted literature for a more specialized solution to fit your particular  pharmaceutical needs:

VFD Benefits in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing  Vendor Consolidation Equals Procurement Savings VFD Benefits in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing  Vendor Consolidation Equals Procurement Savings



Leading Healthcare Company Improves Reliability and Compliance with Honeywell Paperless Recorder
Honeywell’s Multitrend SX paperless recorder enables us to monitor, alarm and archive FDA data seamlessly so we can concentrate on maximizing product quality and throughput.


A developer of medical diagnostic and data management equipment was in the process of moving to a new building and needed to monitor several temperature and humidity points in refrigerators, freezers and storage rooms that contain its products. All of the points needed to be FDA validated to prove that both humidity and temperature were within the current Good Manufacturing Practices tolerances.

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ENERGY STAR Focus on Energy Efficiency in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
EPA’s ENERGY STAR Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Focus has tools and resources to help you improve energy efficiency, save money, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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