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The Belimo Energy Valve™ Cures Medical University’s Low Delta-T

The University of Miami’s Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine says it prides itself on bringing medical research from “bench to bedside,” meaning doctors are providing patients in Southern Florida with the latest cutting-edge developments in medical care. On its sprawling campus and in its state-of-the-art buildings, doctors and researchers are unlocking the secrets to not only infectious diseases, but the future of stem cells and genetics.


Alternative to Globe Valves in Your Pharmaceutical Plant

A biopharmaceutical plant in the U. S. was operating a cold/chilled glycol (CG) system to cool approximately 50 process vessels, mainly jacketed tanks (250 – 3500 L), and several heat exchangers to produce its products. The plant was approximately 18 years old and circulated propylene glycol (40%) and water (60%) as the heat transfer medium. Chillers in the basement generated 28°F (-2°C)cold glycol which was then circulated by three constant-speed centrifugal pumps to the distribution network. System differential pressure control was achieved with a bypass valve that short-circuited the CG supply to the return side during periods of low demand.


Advantages of Electronic vs. Pneumatic Actuation in Your Pharmaceutical Plant

Recognition of the cost/benefit ratio of high quality electric actuation in the U.S. is on the rise.  Pneumatic actuators were cost-effective at one time, but they are no longer well-suited for modern electronic controllers.  They require interfaces which add expense and degrade the signal from the high quality control outputs now available. In an effort…

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