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Honeywell SmartVFD BYPASS SmartVFD Bypass

SmartVFD Bypass

For system critical applications, you must be able to select a bypass that meets the requirements of the specification. The SmartVFD Bypass is easy to specify, select, install and commission. The SmartVFD Bypass is UL certified and is the perfect complement to the advanced capabilities of the SmartVFD family — a combination that is both simple and smart. As the latest evolution of the Honeywell VFD line, the SmartVFD Bypass is sleeker, smaller, lighter and less expensive.

Our five configurations make it easy for you to select the right bypass to complete your drive package. All bundles are available in NEMA 1, NEMA 12 and ventilated NEMA 3R HOA (HAND OFF AUTO).

SmartVFD Disconnect Only

• Adds a fused disconnect to the VFD.

SmartVFD 2-Contactor Bypass

Provides an economical means of bypassing the VFD.
• Freeze/Fire/Smoke Interlock

SmartVFD 3-Contactor Bypass

Commission, service or replace the VFD without affecting the operation of the motor.
• Fused Disconnect
• Freeze/Fire/Smoke Interlock
• VFD is isolated from power with motor running in BYPASS mode
• TEST position powers the VFD without sending power to the motor

SmartVFD 3-Contactor Bypass with Auto-Bypass

The package adds the control capabilities below to the standard three Contactor Bypass.
• Any VFD fault will automatically send the bypass to BYPASS mode
• A contact closure sends the bypass to BYPASS mode
• Dry contacts indicate when the bypass is in BYPASS mode, alerting the building management system

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5Table 6Table 7Table 8
Table 1Product Family
Table 2Input Phase
3Three Phase (3~in, 3~out)
Table 3Nominal Voltage
A208/230 Vac Drive Alone, 208 Vac Bypass
B230 Vac Bypass
C480 Vac
D575 Vac
Table 4Nominal Horsepower
0007.75 Horse Power
00101 Horse Power
010010 Horse Power
Table 5Options
0Drive Only or No Special Options
Table 6Contactors
0Drive Only
1Disconnect Only
2Two Contactor Bypass
3Three Contactor Bypass
Table 7Enclosure Type
2NEMA 12
Table 8Interface
GGraphic KeyPad

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