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Honeywell Circular Chart Recorders

Honeywell Circular Chart Recorders

​There are several batch processes that need historical data, which makes the documentation of measured variables essential. Honeywell’s Circular Chart recorders offer a cost-effective way to maintain these records and help manufacturers optimize the data collection process. The recorders are microprocessor-based and can record a variety of process parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure or flow from transmitters. These are ideal for high-performance applications requiring accuracy such as those used in dairy, textile and food machinery, industrial ovens, environmental chambers, pharmaceutical equipment, metalworking, industrial furnaces and farm machinery.

Honeywell 10” Circular Chart Recorder DR4300

DR4300 is a low-cost circular chart recorder ideal for recording batch processes such as those in industrial ovens, environmental chambers, pharmaceutical equipment and dairy, textile and food machinery. Read more

Honeywell 12” Classic Series Circular Chart Recorder DR4500

The DR4500 is a 12” circular chart recorder aimed at applications in food processing, pharmaceuticals, heat treatment, environmental testing, manufactured goods and water/waste water treatment. Read more

Honeywell 12” TruLine Circular Chart Recorder DR4500

With more than 20 years of proven reliability, the industry standard Honeywell DR4500 Truline circular chart recorder gives you the exact data you want, written on a chart that's drawn at the same time it records your data. Read more

Honeywell Paperless Electronic Data Recorders

Honeywell offers a broad portfolio of data acquisition products to address most industrial recording needs. Its Trendview paperless recorders provide intuitive analysis tools and process visualization, faster start-ups and lowest lifecycle costs, and reliable process monitoring and recording. Users benefit from improved efficiency and decision-making, consistently superior product quality and regulatory compliance.​​​

Honeywell EZTrend Paperless Recorder

The EZtrend represents the latest in data acquisition and recording. Standard features include Active Matrix TFT display, Ethernet communications, USB port, touch screen interface for easy configuration and navigation, NEMA 3 front face plus a wide selection of optional features to handle most data acquisition applications. Read more

Honeywell Minitrend Paperless Recorder

Honeywell’s Minitrend electronic data recorder represents the latest in recording technology and provides the ability to capture continuous and batch data electronically, making the analysis of data easier, faster and more reliable. Read more

Honeywell Multitrend Paperless Recorder

The Multitrend electronic data recorder is part of Honeywell’s paperless recorder family. It represents the latest in recording technology by providing the ability to capture continuous and batch data electronically, making data analysis easier, faster and reliable. Read more

Honeywell DR Graphic Circular Format Paperless Recorder

Honeywell’s DR Graphic paperless electronic data recorder represents the latest in recording technology with improved data resolution and reliability. Read more

Honeywell TrendServerPro Paperless Recorder Software

TrendManager Software Suite complements the X Series family of paperless recorders and helps users review and analyze the recorded data. Read more

Chart Paper and Pens

Supplies for chart recorders - pens and paper.

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