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Yarway Parts Steam Trap Repair Kits

Steam Trap Repair Kits

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Cat #DescriptionsSizeModel:
922241Bonnet Gasket1/240D
929571-01Body Gasket1/240D
923997Bonnet Gasket3/440D
929572-01Body Gasket3/440D
924797Body & Body Gasket140D
925662Outlet Port Gasket140D
946278-05Body & Body Gasket11/240
946278-06Outlet Port Gasket11/240
946278-03Body & Bonnet Gasket240
946278-04Outlet Port Gasket240
946278-01Body & Body Gasket340
946278-02Outlet Port Gasket340
959118Bonnet Gasket3/4 & 1151 H
098454-01Seat Gasket3/4 & 1151 H
947178Screen3/4 & 1151 H

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