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Wilkerson X02 / XB3 External Drain

External Drain
X02 / XB3

Wilkerson drains are designed to remove liquid oil and water contaminants from compressed air systems automatically.

Liquid contaminants collected in the bowl cause the float mechanism to rise. When the liquid reaches a specific level the float triggers a mechanism which pilots line pressure against a large-area piston. This action causes the drain orifice to open and evacuate the liquid and particulate contaminants. As the liquid level falls the pilot valve closes, line pressure against the piston returns to atmosphere and the drain valve snaps closed.

Wilkerson’s XB3 model automatic drain includes the manual override. The manual override option allows for drainage at times when waiting for the system to drain automatically is not desirable.

• Available in NPT and BSPP-G Ports
• The Manual Override Allows Drainage at Any Time Without Waiting
• Use of the Manual Override Does Not Interfere with the Normal Operation of the Drain
• To Assist in Compliance with EPA Regulations, a 1/8" Pipe Thread Allows the Liquid Discharge to be Piped Away. The X02 Has No Manual Override for the Automatic Drain.

Drain Rate: 80 GPH @ 100 PSIG
(300 l/h @ 6.9 bar)
Maximum Supply Pressure:
Plastic Bowl: 150 PSIG (10.3 bar)
Metal Bowl: 200 PSIG (13.8 bar)
Operating Temperature:
Plastic Bowl: 32° to 125°F (0° to 52°C)
Metal Bowl: 32° to 150°F (0° to 65.5°C)
Port Size:
NPT / BSPP-G: 1/2

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