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McDonnell Miller Series 51-S/51-S-2 Water Feeders – Mechanical

Water Feeders – Mechanical
Series 51-S/51-S-2

• For high capacity [up to 35,000 sq. ft. (3250m2)] low pressure steam and hot water boilers with cold water feed

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Cat #DescriptionsPart NumberWeight Ibs.(kg)
51-SMechanical water feeder13560036.5 (16.6)
51-S-251-S w/No. 2 switch13590037.3 (16.9)
51-S-2-M51-S-2 w/manual reset13600037.3 (16.9)
51-SB51-S w/float block13570041.8 (19.0)
51-SB-251-SB w/No. 2 switch13630041.8 (19.0)
51-SB-2-M51-SB-2 w/manual reset13610043.7 (19.8)

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