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McDonnell Miller Series 157S & Model 157S-MD Low Water Cut-Offs – Mechanical For Steam Boilers

Low Water Cut-Offs – Mechanical For Steam Boilers
Series 157S & Model 157S-MD

• For residential, commercial and industrial low or high pressure boiler applications

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Cat #DescriptionsPart NumberWeight Ibs.(kg)
157S150S low water cut-off w/water column17350239.7 (18.0)
157S-MD157S w/maximum differential17360339.7 (18.0)
157S-A157S w/alternate tappings17370239.5 (17.9)
157S-A-M157S-A w/manual reset17380239.5 (17.9)
157S-M157S w/manual reset17540239.7 (18.0)
157S-M-MD157S-M w/maximum differential17541239.7 (18.0)
157S-R157S w/alternate tappings17622042.0 (19.0)
157S-R-M157S-R w/manual reset17730642.0 (19.0)
157S-RBP-MD157S w/2 integral conductance probes17650351.0 (23.1)
157S-RL157S w/alternate tappings17690242.0 (19.0)
157S-RL-M157S-RL w/manual reset17700642.0 (19.0)

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