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McDonnell Miller Series 150S & Model 150S-MD Low Water Cut-Offs – Mechanical For Steam Boilers

Low Water Cut-Offs – Mechanical For Steam Boilers
Series 150S & Model 150S-MD

Series 150S
• For commercial and industrial low or high pressure boiler applications
• For boilers of any steaming capacity
• Monel bellows provides corrosion resistance
• Maximum pressure 150 psi (10.5 kg/cm2)

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Cat #DescriptionsPart NumberWeight Ibs.(kg)
150SCombination low water cut-off/ pump controller17170224.7 (11.2)
150S-B150S w/float block17190324.7 (11.2)
150S-B-M150S-B w/manual reset17210424.7 (11.2)
150S-BMD150S w/float block and max. dif.17200224.7 (11.2)
150S-BM-MD150S-BMD w/manual reset17220124.7 (11.2)
150S-MD150S w/maximum differential17180224.7 (11.2)
150S-M150S w/manual reset17270224.7 (11.2)
150S-M-MD150S-M w/maximum differential17280224.7 (11.2)
158S150S w/2 SPDT switches17840226.3 (11.9)
158S-M158S w/manual reset17850227.3 (12.4)
159S150S w/2 SPST switches17880226.0 (11.8)

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