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Schneider Electric TA-168 Series Digital, Proportional Thermostat/Controller

Digital, Proportional Thermostat/Controller
TA-168 Series

The T168 series microprocessor based thermostat/controller provides 0-10 Vdc or 4-20 mA control. This series controls variety of two-pipe and four-pipe fan coil units, air handling units, and various heating and cooling applications. The microprocessor combines a proportional plus intergral control algorithm with advanced adaptive logic. This provides control without the need for tuning or calibration the control algorithm in the field.

• 0-10 Vdc or 4-20 mA heat and cool outputs.
• Low voltage fan cycling operation with demand output.
• Remote setback capability from a time clock or facility management system.
• Auxiliary heat function.
• Remote and/or seasonal changeover sensor optional.
• Fahrenheit or Celsius display capability.
• In two pipe mode a built-in purge cycle assists the controller to determine if the controlling agent is providing heating or cooling.
• Line voltage continuous on/off or 3-speed fan control.

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Cat #Heat/Cool OutputsDemand OutputSetbackFan Control(a)Configurable 2-Position Auxiliary Heat OutputSystem Modes
Power input: 20 to 28 Vac, nominal 24 Vac. Full wave device
Power consumption: 25 mA maximum at 24 Vac
Electrical: Demand and aux. heat: 10 VA @ 24 Vac
Electrical connections: Terminal strip with screw-down terminals
Control signals: 0 to 10 Vdc 1000Ω minimum. 4 to 20 mA 100 - 600Ω
Control ranges: Setpoint adjustment range: 50 to 90°F (10 to 32°C)
Display range: 32 to 99°F (0 to 37°C).
Proportional band: 2 F degrees (1.1 C degrees).
Changeover deadband: 3 F degrees (1.6 C degrees)
Mechanical: Material: Rigid vinyl
Finish: Cool gray
Ambient temperature limits: Shipping and storage: -30 to 130°F (-34 to 55°C)
Operating: 32 to 130°F (0 to 55°C)
Humidity: Maximum 95% non-condensing
Locations: NEMA Type 1
Dimensions: 2-3/4 H x 4-1/2 W x 1-1/8 D inches (79 x 114 x 28 mm)
Agency Listing: UL Recognized, CE compliant
General Instructions: Refer to F-27025

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