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Schneider Electric R539 (2378-501) TAC Pneumodular® 2:1 Ratio Amplifying Relay

TAC Pneumodular® 2:1 Ratio Amplifying Relay
R539 (2378-501)

The amplifying relay is a proportioning device designed for use in pneumatic control systems where the application requires the amplification of a proportional signal from a controlling device. The relay’s branch line pressure output increases as a 2:1 ratio to the input signal pressure (up to main air pressure) and amplifies the volume of air available to the final control device, thereby minimizing system lag.

• 2:1 signal amplifying relay, with adjustable bias. Output changes are equal to input changes multiplied by two.
• Ideal for applications such as:
- Operating two actuators, that have the same spring range, in sequence (using two R539s and their bias adjustments).
- Narrowing the throttling range of any pneumatic controller (or portion of an operating sequence) by a factor of two.
- Factory set for 10 psig branch pressure at 5 psig input pressure at port S1.
• All ports clearly labeled. Ports align with MCS-S terminals.
• TAC PNEUMODULAR: Mounts on MCS-Socket or K502 Mounting Bracket.

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R539TAC PNEUMODULAR® 2:1 Ratio Amplifying Relay

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