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Schneider Electric R516 (2360-501) TAC Pneumodular® Reversing Relay

TAC Pneumodular® Reversing Relay
R516 (2360-501)

The reversing relay is a proportioning device designed for use in pneumatic control systems where the application requires the reversing of a proportional signal from a controlling device. The R516 branch line pressure decreases in direct proportion to an increase in input signal pressure and also amplifies the volume of air available for the final control device, thereby minimizing system lag.

The unit is factory calibrated to decrease the branch line pressure from 16 psig to 0 psig as the signal pressure increases from 0 psig to 16 psig.

• Clearly marked connections eliminate the need to memorize port numbers: M (Main), B (Branch), and S1 (Input Signal).
• A bias adjustment is provided which can be used to advance or retard the output signal as required for specific applications (refer to Figure 2).
• The R516 may be used as part of the TAC PNEUMODULAR®, panel-mounted, modular control system, or individually, using a K502 manifold backplate and its barbed tubing connections or MCS-Socket.
• Ports align with MCS-S terminals.

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Cat #Descriptions
R516Reversing Relay.
Control action: Proportional - reverses input signal.
Construction: Glass-filled nylon.
Maximum ambient temperature: 140°F (60°C).
Supply air pressure:
Nominal: 20 psig (1.38 bar).
Maximum: 30 psig (2.07 bar).
Connections: Barbed nipples for 1/4 in. O.D. polyethylene or 5/32 in. I.D. polyurethane tubing
Main air consumption: 29.3 scim (8.01 mL/s).
Air flow capacity: 230 scim (62.8 mL/s).
Adjustments: Crossover point, factory set at 8 psig (.55 bar) (8 psig input = 8 psig output), field adjustable 2 to 15 psig (0.138 to 1.03 bar).
Mounting: Designed for use on MCS-S-P socket assembly. This device can also be surface mounted by using the K502 mounting bracket.
Dimensions: 2-1/16 H x 1-7/8 W x 2-9/64 D (52.4 x 47.6 x 54.4 mm).

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