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Pyromation Series 642 Programmable HART® Field Temperature Transmitter

Programmable HART® Field Temperature Transmitter
Series 642

The Series 642 programmable HART® field temperature transmitter is a two wire transmitter with analog output. It includes input for RTD’s and resistance in 2-wire, 3-wire, and 4-wire connections, thermocouple, and voltage signals.

The transmitter can be supplied with or without a digital display, in either a general purpose aluminum housing, or explosion proof aluminum housing. The Series 642 can be programmed with a PC or a HART ® protocol handheld terminal. When supplied with a digital display the LC screen shows the current measured value and as a bar graph with limit value violation indicator.

• Universally programmable with HART® protocol for various input signals
• Illuminated display, rotatable
• Operation, visualization and maintenance with PC, e.g. using TransComm Light operating software
• Two-wire technology, analog output (4 to 20) mA
• Under voltage detection
• Highly accurate in entire operating temperature range
• Approvals: FM and CSA (IS, NI, XP and DIP)
• Galvanic isolation
• Output simulation
• Min./max. process values recorded
• Customized measuring range setup or expanded SETUP

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5Table 6Table 7
Table 1Transmitter Type
642A(4 to 20) mA HART® Field Transmitter with general purpose aluminum housing
Table 2Options
TSolid cover
DGlass cover with digital display
Table 3Input Type
1Thermocouple (TC) or milivolt
2RTD (2-wire) or resistance
3RTD (3-wire) or resistance
4RTD (4-wire) or resistance
JType J thermocouple
KType K thermocouple
TType T thermocouple
NType N thermocouple
EType E thermocouple
RType R thermocouple
SType S thermocouple
BType B thermocouple
85100 ohm platinum (α = 0.00385)
55500 ohm platinum (α = 0.00385)
951000 ohm platinum (α = 0.00385)
MVMillivolts (0.00385)
Table 5Failure Mode
UUpscale Burnout ≥ 23 mA
DDownscale Burnout ≤ 3 mA
Table 6Range
S(0-200)(lower limit – upper limit)
ZSpecial Configuration (See configuration sheet for customer specific set-up)
Table 7Unit of Measure

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