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Pyromation Drilled Thermowells Drilled Thermowells

Drilled Thermowells
Drilled Thermowells

The drilled thermowells listed below are those most commonly found in process applications. Other types and styles are listed later in this section. The thermowells listed below are available as separate component wells and can be ordered by the code numbers listed below. They can also be ordered as a part of a complete sensor assembly. Consult factory for wells with different mounting threads, lengths, and materials.

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5Table 6Table 7
Table 1Well Type
SStandard duty threaded (NPT)
HHeavy duty threaded (NPT)
SWStraight shank socket weld
Table 2Bore Size
40.260 Dia. Bore
Table 3Pipe Size “P”
C1/2” Pipe⁽¹⁾
D3/4” Pipe
E1” Pipe
Table 4Length Dimensions (inches)
044 N/A
066 2(1/2)
099 4(1/2)
1212 7(1/2)
1515 10(1/2)
1818 13(1/2)
2424 19(1/2)
Table 5Material
8316 stainless steel
9304 stainless steel
Table 6Optional “T” Lag Dimension
T22” Lag standard on 6” well
T33” Lag standard on 9, 12, 15, 18, 24” wells
TSpecial Lag specify “T” dimension in inches
Table 7Well Options
C8316 stainless steel well cap and chain
C22Brass well cap and chain
SCustomer specified part number marked on the thermowell - (10 digit maximum)

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