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Prosoft RLX-IFH9E/RLX-FHE RadioLinx Industrial Frequency Hopping Ethernet Tranceiver

RadioLinx Industrial Frequency Hopping Ethernet Tranceiver

The RLX-IFH9E provides powerful and secure wireless Ethernet communications and is well suited for demanding, long-range (up to 30+ miles) SCADA and other Ethernet applications in tough environments. Operating in the license-free 900 MHz band, the RLX-IFH9E penetrates foliage and walls / ceilings better than higher frequency radios. The RLX-IFH9E is user configurable as a master, repeater and remote radio and employs the 128 bit AES encryption algorithm approved by the United States government for top secret information.

RLX-IFH9E radios are quickly and easily configured using the included, graphical ControlScape software. An OPC server software is also included and allows users to monitor radio network health with any OPC client based HMI software.

• Powerful 900 MHz Ethernet
• Rugged and Powerful
• Strong Data and Network Security
• Easy to Configure and Monitor
• Backed by ProSoft Technology

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Cat #DescriptionsRF Power
RLX-IFH9ERadioLinx Industrial Frequency Hopping 900 MHz Ethernet1W
RLX-FHE-USRadioLinx Industrial Frequency Hopping 2.5 GHz Ethernet4W
Frequency: 902-928 MHz
Protocols: All standard IEEE 802.3 protocols
Security: 128 bit AES encryption
Network Topology: Point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, store and forward repeater
Error Detection: 32 bit CRC, ARQ (Automatic Resend Query)
Radio Type: Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
Transmit Power (Programmable): 100 mW to 1 W (Programmable)
20 dBm to 30 dBm (Programmable)
Channel data rates: 1.1 Mbps or 345 kbps (Programmable)
Receiver Sensitivity (Typical): 1.1 Mbps: -98 dBm @ 10-6 BER
345 kbps: -106 dBm @ 10-6 BER
Outdoor Range: 30+ miles pt-pt with high gain directional antennas and RF line-of-sight

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