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Prosoft 6104-WA-PDPM, 6105-WA-PDPS Wireless PROFIBUS DP Gateways

Wireless PROFIBUS DP Gateways
6104-WA-PDPM, 6105-WA-PDPS

The PROFIBUS Master protocol driver exists as a single port implementation. The driver can be configured as a Class 1 PROFIBUS Master to continuously interface with other PROFIBUS slave devices. The unit is also used for configuration of the nodes on the PROFIBUS network. It provides access to both standard as well as extended diagnostic information.

The PROFIBUS DP Slave driver gives access to the ProLinx unit’s internal database via 244 bytes of Input data and 244 bytes of Output data (maximum 400 bytes total). These Input and Output data blocks are mapped by the user within the ProLinx module’s data memory allowing the user maximum flexibility and data transfer with other protocols.

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Cat #Descriptions
6104-WA-PDPMWireless PROFIBUS DP Master
6105-WA-PDPSWireless PROFIBUS DP Slave
Specification: Value
Frequency: 2.4 GHz band (2400 to 2483.5 MHz)*
Wireless medium: DSSS – Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (802.11 b)
Output power: 32 mW (15 dBm)
Channel data rates: 11, 5.5, 2, 1 Mbps
Channels – user selectable: 11 – North America
13 – Europe**
14 – Japan
Security: PWP + WEP 64/128 Encryption with WEP key rollover management
Antenna Ports: (2) RP-SMA connectors, automatic antenna diversity
Bit Error Rate (BER): Better than 10

* Varies with country regulation
** Some European countries such as France allow fewer channels

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