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New NEMA 4 Housing for AFB and NFB Damper Actuators

Dec 1 2010 (All day)






New NEMA 4 Housing
for AFB and NFB Damper Actuators



Versatile, Rugged, Weather Tight, Long Lasting

Belimo developed unique NEMA 4 housing that incorporates its damper actuator product lines. The design combined with extensive independent testing provides complete, unmatched protection in extreme environments. Weather-tight for the harshest indoor and outdoor conditions UV protected housing will resist cracking and discoloration. Independently tested and listed by North American and European agencies.

Ideal for extreme conditions

NEMA 4 actuators are weather tight and UV resistant under the harshest conditions including rooftop applications, wood drying kilns, agriculture and food industries. The housing provides some internal space for customer installed components such as a relay or controller. For high humidity or low temperature (-40°F) applications.




  • NEMA 4 actuators have been developed for similiar applications that do not require corrosion resistant protection.
  • New housings offer NEMA 4 protection to our spring return AFB and NFB models.These new models AFBUP-S N4, AFB24-MFT-S N4, NFBUP-S N4, NFB24-MFT-S N4 can be found in our 2010 PGPL.


UL Type, NEMA, IP66 and IP67: What is the difference?


UL Type 4 and 4X enclosure rating designations are independently tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in accordance with UL standard 50.


NEMA ratings are described in NEMA standard 250. NEMA does not test or confirm these ratings. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure these ratings unless an agency lists the product, e.g. UL.


IP ratings are governed by IEC 60529 which is a European standard. IEC 60529 outlines an international classification system for the sealing effectiveness of enclosures of electrical equipment against the intrusion of foreign bodies (e.g., tools, dust, and moisture) into the equipment.











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