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McCrometer L Series Marsh Multi Mag™ Hot Tap Insertion Magnetic Flow Meter

Marsh Multi Mag™ Hot Tap Insertion Magnetic Flow Meter
L Series

A single patented sensor with multiple electrodes constantly measures flow profiles unlike single point flowmeters. Sensors available for 2 and 3 Taps Streamlined sensor shape does not disrupt water flow and has negligible pressure loss resulting in lower energy costs.

• Installs Close to Bends/Elbows
• Electromagnetic Technology
• 2 Year Sensor Warranty
• No Ports to Clog
• For pipe sizes 4” and up
• Low and/or High Flow Rates

Measurement Volumetric flow in filled flow conduits 4" (101.6 mm) to 120" (3 m) utilizing insertable electromagnetic averaging sensor. Flow indication in English Std. or Metric units. Contact factory for larger pipe sizes.
Flow Measurement
Method Electromagnetic (Faraday’s Law
Zero Stability ±0.03 ft/s (±0.009 m/s)
285L & 287L Accuracy ±1% of reading ±zero stability +0.3 to +20 ft/s (0.09 to 6 m/s)
Has reverse flow indication
284L Bidirectional Accuracy ±1% of reading ±zero stability +0.3 to +20 ft/s (0.09 to 6 m/s)
±1% of reading ±zero stability -0.3 to -20 ft/s (-0.09 to -6 m/s)
284L & 285L Coated Fiberglass
287L Fiberglass
Insertion Hardware 316 Stainless Steel exposed to flow
Compression Seal Silicone Rubber
Sensor Electrodes 284L & 285L with 316 Stainless Steel electrodes
3.62” to 5.69” Sensor = 2 electrode and 1 reference ground pairs
5.70” to 11.79” Sensor = 3 electrode and 2 reference ground pairs
11.80” to 60” Sensor = 5 electrode and 2 reference ground pairs
287L with Carbon electrodes
24” to 120” Sensor = 5 electrode and 2 reference grounding pairs
Transmitter-Enclosure IP67 Aluminum die-casted enclosure
Transmitter-Dimensions 5.75 in. H x 5.75 in. W x 6.69 in. D (14.6 cm H x 14.6 cm W x 17 cm D)
Weight 6.8 lbs. (3.1 kg)
Configuration and Set-Up Programming can be easily done on site using the keypad. Three levels of user defined password protection are provided
Analog 4-20mA 1000 Ohms galvanically isolated and fully programmable
Pulse 2 Pulse/Frequency/Alarm outputs programmable for high/low flow rates, percent of range, empty pipe, fault conditions, forward/ reverse, polarity (normally open/close), analog over-range, pulse over-range, etc
Minimum Conductivity 5 umho/cm (5 uS/cm)
Pressure/Temperature Limits
Sensor Flow Temperature Range 32° to 110°F (0° to 44°C) @ 250 psi
Sensor may be submersed
Electronics Temperature limits
Operating and Storage -4° to 140°F (-20°C to +60°C)
Electrical Connections Compression gland seals for 0.125” to 0.375” diameter round cable
Keypad and Display Can be used to access and change all set-up parameters using three membrane keys and a LCD display
Isolation Galvanic separation to 50VDC between analog, pulse/alarm, and earth/ground
Electrical Safety Meets ANSI/ISA-S82.10-1988 and S82.03-1988
Power Supply
Universal switch mode AC: 90-265VAC/44-66 Hz (20W/25VA) or
DC: 10-35 VDC (20W)
AC or DC must be specified at time of ordering
Vibration Specification Meets BS2011: Part 2.1Fc: 1983
Internal Totalizer 6-digit totalizer. Can be programmed to reset via external input or the keypad. Reset from keypad is password protected
Test Mode and Output Circuit Loop Verification After transmitter has been programmed, operation of the test mode will drive all outputs to a programmed value which provides a total system test
Multi-Mag Flowmeter Includes IP67 enclosure
3 button numerical keypad
One graphical backlit LCD display
Two programmable open-collector outputs
One 4-20mA flow output
RS 485
Multi-Mag™ Sensor (Available for 2 or 3 inch tap. Customer specified) with 20-foot sensor cable
Installation and Operation Manual
Options DC Power
Additional 4-20mA output
Pole mounting kit
Sun shield
Sensor insertions tool
Stainless steel ID tag
Additional sensor cable up to 300’ (for longer lengths, consult factory)
Ordering Requirements At the time of ordering, please be prepared to provide the following information:
Stack height
Minimum flow
Maximum flow
Typical flow
Pipe I.D
Any other chemicals in use

• Accurate Flow Measurement for:
• Cooling Water
• Raw Water
• Filter Balancing
• Backwash Monitoring

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