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Industrial Controls Holds Energy Conference for Industrial and Commercial Users

Jul 1 2011 (All day)

Industrial Controls Distributors, LLC held the “Save Your Energy” conference on June 7th at the EAA AirVenture Museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  Industrial and heavy commercial plant, facilities, maintenance, energy and utility professionals explored ideas to help save energy, improve productivity and reduce labor costs in their physical plant, processes and facilities. 

This conference offered users the opportunity to meet with experienced engineering professionals and product experts to discuss specific challenges and requirements they face. Nearly 30 suppliers and 15 Industrial Controls personnel exhibited product samples and demos all day.  Throughout the day, Metering and Sub-Metering and Industrial Valve Solutions seminars were featured, providing users with additional insight on key energy saving techniques and solutions that will help them make smarter decisions that will improve the longevity of their investment.

Scott Wolff, a member of the energy team at Serigraph, Inc., attended the conference to learn ways to better control the company’s gas usage.  “We know how much we spend on gas per year and we’re working harder to understand where it goes so we can improve our control.”  Mr. Wolff indicated that implementing a gas metering project was a logical next step. 

This conference demonstrated the support that Industrial Controls can provide to companies in assessing energy consuming processes and devices, and developing solutions that save money. Industrial Controls’ engineering and product experts can supply companies with new and innovative ideas for their projects that are more efficient from an energy and labor perspective. 

Industrial Controls, headquartered in Wanamassa, NJ has 19 offices, as well as three regional distribution centers and services numerous industries throughout the United States. Industrial Controls has been recognized for its unsurpassed customer service, award winning technical support, large and diverse inventory and on-time/accurate delivery. To request quotes, place and expedite orders, register for training classes, obtain technical information or order our 1200 page catalog, visit Industrial Controls’ website at industrialcontrolsonline.com. 

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