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2011 Industrial Controls "Save Your Energy" Conference

Apr 1 2011 (All day)

The "Save Your Energy" Conference is on June 7th at the EAA AirVenture Museum located in Oshkosh, WI.  If you are a plant, facilities, maintenance, energy or utility professional then this will be a day designed for you to explore ideas to help save energy, improve productivity, and reduce labor costs in your physical plant, your processes and your facility … in short, improve your company’s ROI and your personal ROI

Here’s how:

  • Meet experienced engineering professionals who are experts at assessing energy consuming processes and devices, and developing solutions that save money.
  • Network with other plant, facilities, maintenance, energy and utility professionals who face the same challenges and demands. 
  • Visit with product experts who have new and innovative ideas about “do-differents” that are more efficient from an energy and labor perspective.
  • Strategize with Focus on Energy advisers who can help accelerate your ROI.

This day and this conference will be unique because we will have specialists on hand to discuss your challenges and your requirements … whether the answers are product, technology or engineering based.  We will have seminars devoted to pertinent topics with plenty of interchange and discussion opportunities.  They will be conducted by well-spoken and highly experienced individuals in this area of our business. 

You will find:

  • Specialists – Our engineers have designed process, combustion and building control systems throughout Wisconsin and Northwest Illinois for the past forty-five years.  They will be there to speak with you.
  • Seminar I – Metering and Sub-Metering – how to measure your energy consumption, access the information, and analyze it in a meaningful way to make decisions and save energy and money.
  • Seminar II – Industrial Valve Solutions – how to save money and labor by applying the proper devices to improve the effectiveness of your process, reduce downtime, and improve the longevity of your investment.

Energy saving products/ideas will be exhibited all day by:  Belimo, Fireye, Flowline, Honeywell Environmental, Honeywell Industrial Instrumentation, Johnson Controls, Pyromation, Racine Flow Meter Group, Rotronic, Testo, Hancock, Yarway, Schneider Electric, Warren Controls, Wisconsin Focus on Energy, Yaskawa and more!

Begin the day with a stroll through the EAA Museum to arrive at our conference where a continental breakfast awaits at 8:00 AM.  Concurrent morning seminars happen at 10:30 AM, repeated at 1:30 PMLunch is sandwiched in between, at noon.  We’ll have some fun things going on throughout the day, which we expect to conclude around 3:30 PM.  Check out the AGENDA!  The day really belongs to you … come for the whole time or stay for what you like best … you are always welcome at Industrial Controls.

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