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Pressure and Differential Pressure Switches, Watertight Enclosure

Pressure and Differential Pressure Switches, Watertight Enclosure

This general purpose Ashcroft® switch series is ideal for use in virtually all Industrial and OEM applications.


• Watertight NEMA 4X enclosure, IP66
• Choice of switch elements for all applications, including hermetically sealed
• Wide choice of wetted materials including all-welded Monel or stainless steel
• Fixed or limited adjustable deadband
• Approved for UL, CSA and FM ratings
• Setpoints adjustable from 15-100% of range
• Choice of actuators, including designs for fire-safe and NACE applications
• Readily available
• Standard pressure connection materials:
     Pressure psi ranges - 316L stainless steel
     Differential psid ranges - Nickel-plated brass 
     Pressure and differential inches of water ranges - Epoxy coated carbon steel

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5
Table 1Enclosure
B4Pressure switch, type 400, watertight enclosure meets NEMA 3, 4, 4X and 13, IP66 requirements
D4Differential pressure switch, type 400, watertight enclosure meets NEMA 3, 4, 4X and 13, IP66 requirements
Table 2Switch Element
20Narrow deadband
21*Ammonia service
22Hermetically sealed switch, narrow deadband
23Heavy duty ac
24**General purpose
25Heavy duty dc
26Sealed environment proof
27High temp. 300°F
28Manual reset trip on increasing
29Manual reset trip on decreasing
31Low level (gold) contacts
32Hermetically sealed switch, general purpose
50Variable deadband
UL/CSA Listed Dual SPDT(2)
61Dual narrow deadband
UL/CSA Listed Dual SPDT(2)
62Dual narrow environment proof
UL/CSA Listed Dual SPDT(2)
63Dual high temp. 300°F
UL/CSA Listed Dual SPDT(2)
64Dual general purpose
UL/CSA Listed Dual SPDT(2)
65Dual ammonia service
Table 2Actuator Seal
CodeMaterial Range
BBuna N yes yes
VViton yes yes
TTeflon yes yes
Table 3Options
XPKPilot light(s), top mounted
Table 4Pressure Range
10 in.H₂O10 in.H₂O psi
30 in.H₂O30 in.H₂O psi
60 in.H₂O60 in.H₂O psi
100 in.H₂O100 in.H₂O psi
150 in.H₂O150 in.H₂O psi
15#15 psi
30#30 psi
60#60 psi
100#100 psi
200#200 psi
400#400 psi
600#600 psi
1000#1000 psi*
3000#3000 psi
Specification Sheet: 

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Industrial Controls Achieves Honeywell Diamond Distributor Status

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Industrial Controls Achieves Honeywell Diamond Distributor Status
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August 1, 2012 (All day)

Industrial Controls is proud to be a 2012 Honeywell Diamond Distributor. We earned this distinction through our commitment to providing high quality services, products and training to our customers. We are honored to be a part of the Honeywell Diamond Distributor family.

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Single Temperature High Volume Output Thermostat

Single Temperature High Volume Output Thermostat

The T-4002 Thermostat is a high volume output, single temperature thermostat. Refer to T-4000 Series Pneumatic Room Thermostat Product Bulletin(LIT-7171060P) for important product information


• available in Direct Acting (DIR) and Reverse Acting (REV) models
• includes Fahrenheit dial
• available in vertical or horizontal model

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Cat #Descriptions
T-4002-201Direct Acting, Horizontal Mounting
T-4002-202Reverse Acting, Horizontal Mounting
T-4002-203Direct Acting, Vertical Mounting
T-4002-204Reverse Acting, Vertical Mounting
Sensitivity Adjustable from 0.75 to 4.0 psig/°F (9 to 50 kPa/°C)
Factory set at approximately 2.5 psig/°F (32 kPa/°C)
Flow Capacity 400 SCIM (107 mL/s)
Air Consumption 20 SCIM (5 mL/s)
13 to 25 psig (91 to 175 kPa)
Nominal 20 psig (140 kPa)
Dial Range 55 to 85°F
Air Connections Two (Supply and Output)
Specification Sheet: 

Direct Coupled Spring Return Actuator, 35 in-lb Minimum Torque

Direct Coupled Spring Return Actuator, 35 in-lb Minimum Torque
LF Series

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Cat #Spring ReturnMotor Drive (Default)24 to 240 VAC +10%/- 20%, 50/60 HZ120 VAC +/- 10%230 VAC +/- 10%VA Rating, Transformer SizingWattage Running (Holding)On/Off2-10 VDC (Default) 4-20 mA (w/500 Ω Resistor)On/Off1Floating PointStart and Span adj., Start 0.5 to 30 VDC, Span 2.5 to 32 VDCPWM adj., 0.02 to 50.0 Seconds2-10 VDC (Default)3 kΩ NTC Type 10 Thermistor6 - 9 VDC, 20 VDC Output VoltageFloating Point1VDC Variable, Start 0 to 8, Span 2 to 10 VDC1 SPDT, 3 A (0.5 A inductive) @250V
LF24 US<25♦<40 to 7575.0 (2.5)
LF24-S US<25♦<40 to 7575.0 (2.5)
LF120 US<25♦<40 to 757.55.5 (3.5)
LF120-S US<25♦<40 to 757.55.5 (3.5)
LF230 US<25♦<40 to 7575.0 (3.0)
LF230-S US<25♦<40 to 7575.0 (3.0)
LF24-SR US<25♦15052.5 (1.0)
LF24-SR-S US<25♦15052.5 (1.0)
LF24-SR-E US<25♦15052.5 (1.0)
LF24-3 US<25♦15052.5 (1.0)
LF24-3-S US<25♦15052.5 (1.0)
LF24-ECON-R03 US<25♦9552.5 (1.0)
LF24-MFT US<25♦75…300 (150)52.5 (1.0)
LF24-MFT-S US<25♦75…300 (150)52.5 (1.0)
LF24-MFT-20 US<25♦15063.5 (1.5)
LF24-MFT-S-20 US<25♦15063.5 (1.5)
LFC24-3-R US<25♦9052.5 (1.0)
LFC24-3-S US<25♦9052.5 (1.0)
Torque 35 in-lb [4 Nm] minimum
-22°F to +122°F [-30°C to
Angle of Rotation 95° adjustable 40° to
95° (mechanically with
built-in limit stop), MFT
(electronically variable
Overload Protection Electronic throughout
Fits Shaft Diameter 3/8"-1/2" standard (centers
on 1/2"); 1/2"-3/4" with
K6-1 clamp accessory
Position Indication Visual indicator
Direction of
CW/CCW external switch
(proportional models)
electronically selectable
with MFT
Spring Return
CW/CCW mounting
Dimensions 7.67" x 3.15" x 3.23"
[195 x 80 x 82mm]
Electrical Connection 3 ft, 18 GA plenum cable
(modulating), 3 ft, 18 GA
appliance cable (on/off, -S
types), 1/2" conduit fitting
Auxiliary Switch (-S) Models: 1 SPDT, 3A
(0.5 A inductive) @ 250 V
Adjustable 0° to 95°
Housing NEMA 2 (IP54) any
Agency Listings cULus according to UL 873
and CAN/CSA C22.2
No. 24-93
Specification Sheet: 

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