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KMC Controls VEC-1010/1020 Series Electric-Pneumatic Relays

Electric-Pneumatic Relays
VEC-1010/1020 Series

The VEC-1010/1020 series are two-position three-way solenoid air valves used to interface between electric and pneumatic circuits. With a lightweight valve body molded of high strength Celcon, these E-P relays are provided with barbed connections for 1/4 polyethylene tubing at all 3 air ports. Typical applications include switching branch or main air signals from one source or pressure to another; supplying pressure to or exhausting pressure from control devices such as damper motors and valves, and initiating a change in control function such as in occupied-unoccupied, summer-winter, or outdoor change over applications. All models are UL and CSA Listed.

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Cat #DescriptionsType
VEC-101124 VACOpen Frame
VEC-1012120 VACOpen Frame
VEC-101724 VDCOpen Frame
VEC-102124 VDCNEMA 1 Junction Box
VEC-1022120 VACNEMA 1 Junction Box
VEC-1023240 VACNEMA 1 Junction Box
VEC-1026208 VACNEMA 1 Junction Box
VEC-102724 VDCNEMA 1 Junction Box

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