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Johnson Controls T58 Series Low Voltage Thermostat

Low Voltage Thermostat
T58 Series

The thermostats have attractive styling. The snap-acting contacts are of fine silver and will not chatter. One piece installation to a standard vertical outlet box with two captive screws through baseplate. No mounting bracket is required. The temperature setting is changed by sliding the selector lever at top of the thermostat.

• Snap-acting contacts with “Center Off” position, operated by a bimetal sensing element.
• Attractive styling.
• Heat and cold anticipators appropriately sized for current draw of operated device(s).

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Cat #Descriptions
T58EA-1,-2*Positions One M20AGA Damper Motor Actuvator
T58EA-8Positions Two M20AGA Damper Motor Actuvator
T58EA-12Positions One M20AG( ) Damper Motor Actuvator
T58EA-**For Customer Special Requirement

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