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Johnson Controls T-4054 Energy Manager Heating-Cooling High Volume Output Thermostat

Energy Manager Heating-Cooling High Volume Output Thermostat

The T-4054 Heating-Cooling, Energy Manager Thermostat is a high volume output, with an adjustable deadband of 0 to 30°F (0 to 16°C) between heating and cooling set points. Refer to T-4000 Series Pneumatic Room Thermostat Product Bulletin(LIT-7171060P) for important product information.

• available in Direct Acting (DIR) and Reverse Acting (REV) models
• includes Fahrenheit dial
• mounts in vertical or horizontal position

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Cat #Descriptions
T-4054-1Direct Acting
T-4054-2Reverse Acting
Sensitivity Adjustable from 1 to 3 psig/°F (12 to 38 kPa/°C)
Factory set at approximately 2.5 psig/°F (32 kPa/°C)
Flow Capacity 400 SCIM (107 mL/s)
Air Consumption 38 SCIM (10 mL/s)
Supply Pressure 13 to 25 psig (91 to 175 kPa)
Nominal 20 psig (140 kPa)
Dial Range 55 to 85°F (Two Dials)
Air Connections Two (Supply and Output)
Deadband Adjustable Deadband between 5 and 12 psig
(35 to 84 kPa)

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