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Johnson Controls LX-VAVCF-1 LX Series Programmable VAV Controllers

LX Series Programmable VAV Controllers

The LX Series Programmable VAV controller (LX-VAVCF) uses the latest technology to provide more flexibility and reliability. The programmable Variable Air Volume (VAV) controller can be programmed very easily using Facility Explorer. The controller features a drift-free differential pressure sensor that resists loss of accuracy over time due to dust particle accumulation.The LX-VAVCF controller uses the LonTalk® communication protocol.

• robust communications object - Complies with LONWORKS® technology for interoperability and peer-to-peer communication between controllers without the necessity of intermediary agents.
• free programmable object - allows you to view all internal points using 10 UNVT and 15 values of each object. The LX-VAVCF controller offers many programming tools like Proportional plus Integral plus Derivative (PID), timers, and optimum start
• hardware - allows you to use any commercially available thermistor type (100 ohm to 100k ohm) and setpoint potentiometer type. Features extremely accurate on-board airflow sensor for pressure independent single duct VAV applications. Can read differential pressure as small as 0.04 milli-inches of water.
• software - features 18 Network Variable Inputs (NVIs) and Network Variable Outputs (NVOs) with changeable types and lengths, supports fan-in binding for zoning applications, and all objects (programming, schedule, real-time clock) are configurable through their own wizard.

Product Codes LX-VAVCF-1
Power Requirements Voltage 24 VAC/DC; 15%, 50/60 Hz, Class 2
Protection 3A removable fuse for triac when using the internal power supply
Consumption 5 VA
Maximum Consumption 10 VA (normal), or 85 VA if internal power supply is used for triac (special application)
Ambient Conditions Operating Temperature 0 - 70°C, (3 to 158°F)
-20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F)
Relative Humidity 0 to 90%
General Processor Neuron® 3150®, 8 bits, 10 MHz
Memory Non-volatile Flash 128k (storage) (APB application, Non-volatile Flash 64k (APB application)
Media Channel TP/FT-10, 78 Kbps
Communication LonTalk® protocol
Transceiver Echelon® FTT-10
Enclosure (housing) Material FR/ABS Resin
Dimensions (with screws) 4.88 x 8.9 x 2.48 in. (124 x 226 x 63 mm)
Shipping Weight 2.30 lb (1.05 kg)
Inputs Quantity 4 universal software configurable
Input Types Digital: Dry Contact,
Analog Voltage: 0 to 10 VDC, Accuracy: 0.5%,
Analog current: 4 to 20 mA with 249 ohm external resistor
Resistor Support Thermistor: 100 ohm (PT100), 1 K (RTD I K Type 85), 10 K (Type, 2, Type 3),
Range: -40 to 125°C, (-40 to 257°F)
Accuracy: ±0.5°C, ±0.9°F
Resolution: 0.1 to 0.18°F (10K ohm to 10K ohm supported using translation table)
Potentiometer 10k ohm or 100K ohm, translation table (21 points)
Differential Range 0-250 Pa (0-1 in. H20)
Pressure Sensor (VAV model only): Resolution 0.04 milli-inches H20,
Accuracy ±0.3% full scale
Input Resolution 16-bit analog/digital converter
Hardware Outputs  Quantity 6 Hardware
4 Digital: Triac 0.75 A at 24 VAC, External or Internal power supply
2 Universal: 0-10 VDC linear, digital 0-10 VDC linear, digital 0-12 VDC
(Analog or Digital) or PWM 20 mA max, Maximum load 600
Output Resolution: 10-bit digital/analog converter
Damper Actuator Torque 35 in·lb, 4 N·m
Angle of Rotation: 95º adjustable
Fits Shaft Diameter: 5/16 to 3/4 in. (8.5 mm to 18.2 mm)
Power Supply: from controller

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