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Intermatic FMD Series Electronic Time Switches

Electronic Time Switches
FMD Series

The FMD Series Timers are compact electronic 24 hour/7 day time switch module with heavy duty relay contacts for switching low or line voltage loads. Applicable for time of day control of pumps, fans, heaters, HVAC control circuits, lighting, machinery and many other types of commercial, industrial, and agricultural equipment.

The FMD Series features large keys with unique “circular pattern” for easy programming, an easy-to-read LCD display and capacitor backup to retain program memory during power outages.

• Large Keys
• LCD display
• Memory backup

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Cat #Input VoltageNumber of Set PointsChannelsEnclosure TypeMount Type
FM1D20-120120 VAC201-Mechanism only
FM1D20-2424 VAC201-Mechanism only
FM1D20-240240 VAC201-Mechanism only
FM1D20A-120120 VAC201-Surface / DIN Rail
FM1D20A-2424 VAC201-Surface / DIN Rail
FM1D20A-240240 VAC201-Surface / DIN Rail
FM1D20E-120120 VAC201-Flush
FM1D20E-2424 VAC201-Flush
FM1D20E-240240 VAC201-Flush
FM1D50-1212 VAC/DC501-Mechanism only
FM1D50-120120 VAC501-Mechanism only
FM1D50-2424 VAC501-Mechanism only
FM1D50-240240 VAC501-Mechanism only
FM1D50A-1212 VAC/DC501-Surface / DIN Rail
FM1D50A-120120 VAC501-Surface / DIN Rail
FM1D50A-2424 VAC501-Surface / DIN Rail
FM1D50A-240240 VAC501-Surface / DIN Rail
FM1D50E-1212 VAC/DC501-Flush
FM1D50E-120120 VAC501-Flush
FM1D50E-2424 VAC501-Flush
FM1D50E-240240 VAC501-Flush
FM2D50-120120 VAC502-Mechanism only
FM2D50-2424 VAC502-Mechanism only
FM2D50-240240 VAC502-Mechanism only
GMX2FM2D50-I- 120120 VAC502NEMA 1-
GMX2FM2D50-I- 2424 VAC502NEMA 1-
GMX2FM2D50-I- 240240 VAC502NEMA 1-
GMX2FM2D50-O- 120120 VAC502NEMA 3R-
GMXFM1D20-I- 120120 VAC201NEMA 1-
GMXFM1D20-I-2424 VAC201NEMA 1-
GMXFM1D20-I- 240240 VAC201NEMA 1-
GMXFM1D20-O- 120120 VAC201NEMA 3R-
GMXFM1D20-O- 2424 VAC201NEMA 3R-
GMXFM1D20-O- 240240 VAC201NEMA 3R-
GMXFM1D50-I-1212 VAC/DC501NEMA 1-
GMXFM1D50-I- 120120 VAC501NEMA 1-
GMXFM1D50-I-2424 VAC501NEMA 1-
GMXFM1D50-I- 240240 VAC501NEMA 1-
GMXFM1D50-O- 1212 VAC/DC501NEMA 3R-
GMXFM1D50-O- 120120 VAC501NEMA 3R-

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