Honeywell WEBs-N4 Certification Training - Charlotte, NC

Honeywell WEBs-N4 Certification Training – Richmond, VA

Course Date & Time:
May 3-5, 2016
8:00am – 5:00pm

Industrial Controls
8213 Hermitage Road
Richmond, VA 23228

What You Will Learn:

1. Niagara4 Product Overview
a. New Software License Model
i. Supervisor License
ii. Upgrades
iii. Maintenance

b. New Hardware WEBS 8000
i. Device and Point licensing
ii. Capacity

2. N4 WB installation
a. Install N4
b. Verify N4 install

3. Station User Home Management
a. User Home
b. Daemon Home
c. N4 Station Creation
d. Station Copier
e. Platform Passphrase management

4. Ad hoc Tags, NQL Search
a. Ad hoc Tags
b. Tag Types
c. NQL Search

5. Tag Dictionaries
a. Custom Dictionary
b. Tag Groups
c. Niagara Dictionary
d. Haystack Dictionary

6. Relationships
a. Creating Relations
b. Relation Direction
c. Viewing Relations

7. Hierarchies
a. Components
b. Relations
c. Queries

8. Charting
a. Hierarchy Chart Views
b. Multiple Point Charts

9. Templates
a. Station Templates
b. Device Templates

10. User Roles
a. Categories
b. Hierarchy

11. User Accounts
a. Authentication Service
b. Navigation file limited to Home Page
c. HX HTML5 Web Profile
d. Browser User Interface

12. Dashboards
a. Creating dashboards

13. Migration bringing AX into N4 Supervisor
a. Connecting AX Station to N4 Supervisor

14. Station Migration
a. Hardware Compatibility
b. Required Resources
c. Software Compatibility
d. Backups
e. N4 Migration Command Line
f. Migration Logs
g. Station Migration Verification

15. Hardware Migration
a. N4 distribution Files
b. Commissioning Wizard
c. Assigning passphrase

16. In preparation for the Certification Test:
a. Backup the N4 Solution
b. Downgrade the JACE to AX
c. Clean the JACE
d. Ready to start the test by Commissioning and Installing an AX baseline station.

17. AX to N4 Official Certification Exam


Student must be Niagara AX Certified (No Exceptions)

Student Provided Hardware and Software:
• Personal Laptop Computer
• PC Mouse
• Physical Ethernet Port on Laptop
• Cat 5 patch cable
• Note: Windows 7 64 PC’s must run the WEBs AX 32 bit version.
• Microsoft Windows with Administrative Privileges
• Microsoft Windows Local User Account. (Domain Logon not supported for class)
• Ability to disable any VPN software such as Cisco VPN.
• Honeywell WEBPro N4 or WEBStation N4 version 4.1.xx
• Valid Honeywell WEBS N4 License
• Spyder Tool version 4.1.xx.7.x.x (this is preinstalled in WEBS N4 4.1.xx)

Functional Test
• Log onto your local Niagara Platform using a Local Windows Administrator Account.
• Create, Start and Connect to a Station.


Industrial Controls Training Department
To Register by Phone: Contact Jen Adelstein @ (732) 918-9000 ext:5255
To Register by Email:
To Register by FAX: FAX registration form to (732) 455-4481, ATTN: Jen Adelstein



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