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Valve packages often perform more reliably because their components are designed and engineered to work together. Parts and materials have also been manufactured to the same stringent quality standards using best practices and the latest technologies. This can help mitigate your risk and cut down significantly on your initial investment, which, of course, is one of the keys to minimizing total cost of ownership and maximizing ROI.

Industrial Controls now offers a high quality line of manual and automated ball valves. The brand name is econ® from our Econosto family of valve products and offers many standard features that most ball valve manufactures consider an optional cost adder.

Since 1892, econ has been developing quality products manufactured to strict standards. The econ valve can be used in a wide variety of applications with pressures of up to 1480 psig. Its unique three-piece design allows for easy in-line repair. In addition to its three body components, its construction consists of a full or standard port floating ball, anti-static design in accordance with ATEX guidance, self adjusting stem sealing, a blow-out proof stem, a “Direct Mount” top-flange and threaded or welded end connections.


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econ Automated Ball Valves: The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

The econ® automated ball valve is a superior, competitively-priced stainless steel ball valve complemented by high-end accessories from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Air Torque ActuatorAir Torque Pneumatic Actuators

Industrial Controls will fit your automated econ valve with an Air Torque pneumatic rack and pinion actuators. Air Torque is a world class manufacturer of pneumatic actuators supplying the top valve



Stonel Limit SwitchStonel Limit Switches

Another popular automation option is to add “open & close” limit switches for remote indication of the valve position. Stonel limit switches are the leading brand for precision and repeatable position indication.


ASCO Solenoid ValveSolenoid Pilot Valves

Operation of the Air Torque pneumatic actuator usually requires a pilot 3-way or 4-way solenoid valve to allow air into and out of the actuator. Industrial Controls offers the premier name in solenoid valves: ASCO.


Why econ Automated Ball Valves?

Comparable Quality at Lesser Cost

Because of our strategic industry relationships, we are able to offer econ valves at a fraction of the cost of the equivalent Jamesbury valve.

Custom Assembly

Industrial Controls’ experts will help you customize your econ valve by assisting in the selection of components and add-ons, as needed, to fit your application. And our on-site engineers will personally assemble your custom automated econ ball valve.

Superior Components and Add-Ons

Industrial Controls builds your automated econ ball valve with superior products from leading manufacturers such as Air Torque, Stonel and ASCO.

econ Ball Valves