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Achieve Optimal Chiller Performance in Schools

Proper seasonal startup and shutdown procedures, along with a regular maintenance program, help to ensure that a chiller operates dependably and efficiently.  This results in reduced operating costs and improved occupant comfort throughout its life cycle.   SEASONAL STARTUP A seasonal startup ensures that a chiller will operate reliably and efficiently throughout the upcoming cooling…


Advantages of Electronic vs. Pneumatic Actuation in Your Pharmaceutical Plant

Recognition of the cost/benefit ratio of high quality electric actuation in the U.S. is on the rise.  Pneumatic actuators were cost-effective at one time, but they are no longer well-suited for modern electronic controllers.  They require interfaces which add expense and degrade the signal from the high quality control outputs now available. In an effort…


Dew Point in Compressed Air – Frequently Asked Questions

Vaisala has put together some FAQs into an application note that will help you understand what dew point is all about and how important it is to measure dew point in compressed air applications.The complete document can be downloaded on Vaisala’s website: Dew Point in Compressed Air FAQ’s Ever wonder what dew point is exactly…


Commercial Boilers: Essential Tips for a Long and Happy Life

Even trade professionals who are very attentive to HVAC maintenance can be willing to “let the boiler slide” for months or even years without a proper checkup. Why? In many cases – especially with early generations of atmospheric gas boilers – this happened because the equipment was designed to go a long time without maintenance….


Hospital Energy Efficiency Case Study: Improvements for a Large, Long-Standing Hospital

Location: The Ottawa Hospital (TOH), Ottawa, Ontario Problem:  Lack of visibility into building systems compromises hospital’s ability to manage energy consumption. With three campuses totaling approximately four million square feet and buildings ranging from 30 to 90 years old, The Ottawa Hospital found it extremely difficult to reevaluate their automation strategies. Years of deferred maintenance…


Top 10 Indoor Air Quality Tips for Facility Managers

Good IAQ can take on a variety of forms in a school. From a well-controlled climate in classrooms to the selection and use of non-toxic cleaning products, facility managers can take steps to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for staff and learning environment for students. The school facility manager is in the unique…


Temperature and Humidity Sensing and Calibration in Pharmaceutical Facilities

CASE STUDY: Industrial Controls Develops Technical Solution for Accurate Temperature and Humidity Sensing and Calibration Location: Wyeth/Pfizer, Pearl River, New York Problem: Accurate Measurement/calibration of temperature and humidity sensors and transmitters. This site was experiencing problems with measurement of temperature and humidity in their manufacturing suites that are part of a validated system. They also…


Pharmaceutical Facility Efficiency: 4 Easy Improvements

4 Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Your Pharmaceutical Facility As a plant manager or manufacturing professional working in the pharmaceutical industry, chances are that you are already well aware of the importance of improving and maintaining energy efficiency in your facility. But just how important is it? According to the U.S. Census, pharmaceutical manufacturing…


Selecting a Pressure Gauge in 7 Steps

For a mechanical pressure gauge, accuracy is defined as a percentage of the full-scale range. While requirements differ from one industry to another, the following are general guidelines.

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