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Temperature and Humidity Sensing and Calibration in Pharmaceutical Facilities

CASE STUDY: Industrial Controls Develops Technical Solution for Accurate Temperature and Humidity Sensing and Calibration Location: Wyeth/Pfizer, Pearl River, New York Problem: Accurate Measurement/calibration of temperature and humidity sensors and transmitters. This site was experiencing problems with measurement of temperature and humidity in their manufacturing suites that are part of a validated system. They also…


Pharmaceutical Facility Efficiency: 4 Easy Improvements

4 Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Your Pharmaceutical Facility As a plant manager or manufacturing professional working in the pharmaceutical industry, chances are that you are already well aware of the importance of improving and maintaining energy efficiency in your facility. But just how important is it? According to the U.S. Census, pharmaceutical manufacturing…


Selecting a Pressure Gauge in 7 Steps

For a mechanical pressure gauge, accuracy is defined as a percentage of the full-scale range. While requirements differ from one industry to another, the following are general guidelines.

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