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ICON REG Filter Regulators

Filter Regulators

Our dynamic series of Filters and Regulators offer all the control, flexibility and performance you need from your air preparation equipment. They are designed to regulate pressure and/or clean instrument air of particulate and moisture prior to the air reaching pneumatic equipment.

The components can be installed separately or can be assembled into a complete unit, as you require. We stock these units, including the bundles below, which all include a mounting bracket and 1-1/2” 0-100 psi. pressure gauge. All filter/ regulator bundles include semi-automatic drains and bowl protectors.

• Totally Modular System
• Precise Regulation and Control
• Pipe Size Range of 1/8” to 1”
• Ambient Temperature Range: 32ºF to 120ºF (0ºC to 49ºC)
• 5 or 25 Micron Filtering Standard, .01 Micron Coalescing Filtering Available
• Select Automatic or Semi-automatic Drain

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Cat #DescriptionsPipe SizeFilter TypeRegulator Range
REG1/4-01MF-G1/4” Filter Regulator1/4”.01 Micron150 psi
REG1/4-25MF-G1/4” Filter Regulator1/4”25 Micron7-145 psi
REG1/4-5MF-G1/4” Filter Regulator1/4”5 Micron7-120 psi
REG1/4-G1/4” Regulator1/4”Reg Only230 psi
REG3/8-5MF-G3/8” Filter Regulator3/8”5 Micron7-145 psi
REG3/8-G3/8“ Regulator3/8”Reg Only7-145 psi
REG1/2-5MF-G1/2” Filter Regulator1/2”5 Micron7-145 psi
REG1/2-G1/2” Regulator1/2”Reg Only230 psi
REG3/4-5MF-G3/4” Filter Regulator3/4”5 Micron7-175 psi
REG3/4-G3/4” Regulator3/4”Reg Only230 psi
REG1-5MF-G1” Filter Regulator1”5 Micron7-175 psi

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